From Prison to Corporate- The Chris Williams Story

Featured Jun 30, 2017 0

Chris Williams served 7 years in prison from 2007-2014 for a burglary crime. Chris was released without any funds or resources, but made a way to live the straight and narrow. He had to do a few odd jobs and... Read more

The Rain OF Rap’s “So Simple” Music Video Premiere

Celebrity News Jun 28, 2017 0

Hip Hop artist The Rain of Rap has released his brand new music video... Read more

Mya Cullins Is A Powerful Force in Business Who Gets the Job Done

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Mya Cullins is a Business Woman, A Mother, An Author, A Speaker, A Wife,... Read more

What About Us: Missing DC Girls

Featured Apr 2, 2017 0

This article may step on a few toes, but this needs to be said…... Read more

Office to Fitness Model, Brittany Dixon Talks About Leaping for her Dreams

Featured Mar 31, 2017 0

Who is Brittany Dixon and how do you inspire women in the fitness industry?... Read more


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