What About Us: Missing DC Girls

This article may step on a few toes, but this needs to be said… apparently everyone isn’t seeing the bigger picture in this situation. These girls are someones: daughter, sister, cousin and is MISSING as we speak. Why is this not getting the media attention that it deserves? Every time something like this happens they tend to sweep it under the rug and try to forget it, but this time they can’t do that. This needs to be brought to everyone’s attention, because mother’s can’t keep passing out flyers to find their child. A flyer can only do so much and reach so far without proper media, but in this case most of the media are turning down the story for some odd reason. Now lets say these were white girls I`m pretty sure there would be amber alerts in every state and all over the news interrupting our favorite shows just to inform us. I’m not trying to pull the race card, but let’s be honest this happens all the time.

A few celebrities have spoken out about this situation such as Chaka Khan, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Taraji P. Henson, but we need more of them to speak up about it. We should also call up a community meeting or start a Facebook page about it and go to your local news station and spread the word. These girls matter whether we know it or not and each girl meant something to someone. Imagine, your child is missing and being held hostage at an unknown location. See this from the parents  perspective and tell me how you’d feel ?  We need to get it together and fast! Every minute were not looking for them these girls are being taken somewhere else and farther away. So lets get to work and help find our girls.

Currently, 15-year-old Jacqueline Lassey, 13-year-old Yahshaiyah Enoch, 15-year-old Antwan Jordan, 15-year-old Juliana Otero, 15-year-old Dashann Trikia Wallace, 13-year-old Aniya McNeil, 15-year-old Dayanna White, 16-year-old Talisha Coles, and 15-year-old Morgan Richardson are all still missing.

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Tyler Perry’s TV Shows, For Better or Worse and Love Thy Neighbor is Cancelled

In a recent article on, it was just revealed that two of Tyler Perry’s  TV shows on the OWN Network has been cancelled. We are unsure of why this is the case, but we are very sad to hear this news. We wonder what Mr. Tyler Perry is thinking right now, but no matter what we are always life long supporters of your work. These two shows have inspired, made us laugh and made us cry. We support anything that you have done so far and this makes for a great comeback as we also heard there is a 5th new series in the works!

What you will miss the most from these two shows? Comment below.


For the full story read the link here on

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Building on her rapidly growing career as a television and film actress and commercial print model multi-talented performer Lauren Quatavia has reached a new level, featuring as one of Negan’s wives on the hit horror-drama AMC TV series The Walking Dead.  Airing every Sunday at 9 PM Eastern time, Lauren will be featured in several episodes of this hugely popular show, based on the award-winning Walking Dead comic book, follows an unlikely band of people struggling to survive a sudden zombie apocalypse.  With its global fan following, the series is sure to take Lauren to soaring career heights.

Lauren’s dynamic “screen presence” and professional experience landed her a guest role on this major series, enhancing her already impressive resume, which includes such television credits as hosting WGo Network’s Whatz Going On TV (where she interviewed R & B megastar Ginuwine), and taking the stage at the VH1 Hip Hop Awards, as a presenter.  In addition, Lauren’s diverse portfolio showcases her work with CubeVision Films, where she appeared in Fist Fight, and a plethora of music videos, among them leading roles in Cashflow’s Hey, Lover, Streetkings’ Customer, and a feature in DJ Webstar’s Party Girl.  As a model, Lauren, whose career began a dozen years ago, shone brightly as a Brand Rep for Hershey Foods and Hardbody TV, and doing top-level gigs with Ecstasy Models.


A native Long Islander, Lauren now resides in Georgia, where she continues to develop her gifts, which extend behind the lights and cameras, as well as in front of them.  She’s worked on the creation of various magazines, and assisted casting and music video directors with their projects. Notably, Lauren recently completed a Code Red Tour with signature girl band XSO, for R & B superstar Monica, featuring Rico Love, which played to packed venues around the country.  Complementing her Walking Dead role, Lauren recently also filmed a commercial for the iconic culinary Food Network channel.  As an accomplished, young, rising star, we’re sure to see more and greater roles for Lauren Peacock in the near future!  
IG: @youluvlauren                      
Snapchat: youluvlaurenq                      
Facebook: laurenquatavia


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Top Reasons Why the Cast of B.E.T Centric’s From the Bottom Up is So Inspirational

The All woman cast Pictured above (Left to Right) consists of Chanita Foster. Stacii Jae, Kimberly Smedley, Christine Beatty, Chrystale Wilson, and Sara Stokes.


These 6 women all hold their own unique struggles for the world to see. Introducing Chanita Foster (Former Football Wives Reality Star) to the mix adds a great flavor to the show. Stacii Jae who dealt with her DUI problems, Kim Smedley who was caught up in her million dollar butt injections business, Christine Beatty for having ethical issues in the court room,  Sara Stokes to dealing with Spousal Domestic abuse and Chrystal Wilson, most known as Ronnie on “The Player Club” who ran into trouble with the law. All of these ladies listed above have dealt with experiencing the bottom, yet staying resilient through it all and the reasons for saying this show is inspirational to all people especially women are listed below.

The Cast with Executive Producer, Nicci Gilbert Wearing the Red Dress

Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Gettys Images The Cast with Executive Producer, Nicci Gilbert (Red Dress)


They all showed us what “The Bottom” could look like.

As an individual and especially a woman whether you are a single parent, a college student or someone who is couch surfing could all relate to the feeling of “I’ve hit rock bottom”. These women hold that same type of reality one way or another. The difference with these women shown above and you is that they’re in front of cameras 24/7 and are being looked at under a microscope. Their stories all tell a unique part of starting from the bottom and I think that you could truly appreciate the essence of what that is.

Their struggles were relatable to the average person’s life struggles

Take Reality Star and R&B singer, Sara Stokes for example. She was at the top of her career when chosen for Diddy’s Making the Band series in the early 2000’s, but then was cut short due to early band dismantlement and spousal domestic abuse. If you haven’t directly been affected by domestic abuse then I’m sure you know someone close to you who has. We all go through our own personal struggles and by watching these women go through theirs on camera and make that journey back to the top of their careers should surely be a huge inspiration to us all. Learn from their mistakes and how they did not give up on the end goal and apply that to your own life.

They didn’t have a lot of money to help them get back to the top.

These women did not have millions saved in the bank that we know of to help launch their careers again. The key to their current uprising I believe was in the POWER of RELATIONSHIPS. They used their surrounding networks and relationship in Executive Producer, Nicci Gilbert who in turn made this show even possible to see on air. This is a prime example of how you can get your story out there to thousands of people without already having tons of money in the bank. Of course their names helped in some cases, but lets be honest they are hungry for their success and they did not let not having a lot of money stop them from accomplishing their dreams.

All of the women used their struggles and pain to create new successful careers for themselves.

Even though the struggle is TOO real and hurts like hell, we all can learn a great deal of lessons in these times. These women swallowed that tough pill, paid their dues and kept it moving. You have to do the same thing when it comes to falling in life. No one said it would be easy and that things will be handed to you. As a woman we have to prove ourselves that much more than our male counterparts to be taken seriously. Use your pain as a ladder to the top, because there is only one you and your story is unique. Use that and run with it all the way to your rightful throne.

Season 2 of “From The Bottom Up” is here and you can catch it on B.E.T Centric Designed for Black Women Saturdays @10pm/9 C!

Watch the Season 2 Trailer below here at The Official AO



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Meet Emmy Award Winning Film Composer Matthew Head

Ever wondered what a film composer does and what their job title consists of? Has your heart ever skipped a beat while sitting at the edge of your seat because of the build-up music suspense?  Well I want everyone to meet Matthew Head, an Emmy Award winning film and television Film composer who is the man behind the suspenseful music scenes. He has done some great work with some of your favorite actors, directors and music artists like Goapele, Terri J. Vaughn, Rickey Smiley and a many more to name. Matthew is the creative genius behind the music and is currently working on bigger projects to date. It’s great to work with such a talented individual in the entertainment industry. I have had the opportunity to sit down with Matthew a few times over the phone about what exactly he does and what’s next to come from his work. For the full interview with Matthew read below.

Matthew Head, Emmy Winning Film Composer

Matthew Head, Emmy Winning Film Composer


What do you enjoy most about being a film composer?

The art of building the music and emotion around the film. Creating new sounds and feeding off the energy of the film is very enjoyable. It’s not about making music that fits the scene, but adding the emotion that will push the scene to another level. 

Who are some notable people that you were stoked about working with in your career thus far?

I usually do not have the privilege of meeting the actors, I only deal with the directors and producers of a project. But with that being said, I’ve had the opportunity to share projects with Actor/director Terri J. Vaughn, singer/songwriter Goapele, comedian Rickey Smiley and others.

Do you feel like you have achieved your ultimate goals in your career or do you feel like you haven’t reached your peak and why?

I don’t think I will ever reach my peak. My goals get bigger and more extravagant each day. I just put my head down work and let everything fall in place. I really don’t think about it, I just take the opportunities, Thank God, and do what I do best.

What are some current projects that you are working with and what networks will be airing it?

I am currently scoring the film The Woman on the Ledge, directed by Trey Haley and starring Rumor Willis. The film will be airing on LIfetime Television in 2017. I just finished scoring the comedy, #DigitalLivesMatter directed by Terri J. Vaughn starring comedian DC Young Fly. There are a few other projects that I can’t really go into detail about. But stay tuned…

How tough has the road been to success for you?

The road hasn’t been tough because I enjoy the journey. I never sought out to be a film composer, so everything has been new and happens so fast. I take every experience as a learning tool and I apply it to my next project. I truly enjoy and love what I do. 

What kind of legacy would you like to leave to your loved ones after everything is said and done?

My legacy is based around who I’ve touched and how touched them. It doesn’t have to be music. Music is a love and a gift that I have and I don’t want it to define me as a man, father, husband. etc. I use music as a tool to mentor and teach others. My legacy can be defined by living my dreams and sharing my gift.

What’s some advice you have to the future film and television composers out there in the world in staying focused towards success?

KEEP WORKING!!! Take advantage of ALL opportunities. Always say yes and never try to say No. 

How can everyone find you on social media?

You can follow me on twitter at @mattheadmusic and on instagram  @mattheadmusic. My website is 


Also, Check out Matthews’s latest Film Reel Here only at Official AO


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