Office to Fitness Model, Brittany Dixon Talks About Leaping for her Dreams

Brittany Dixon

Who is Brittany Dixon and how do you inspire women in the fitness industry?

That’s a really good question…”Who is Brittany Dixon” the funny thing is, I’ve been on a self discovery journey to find out exactly who I am, what I stand for and what truly makes me happy. I had to step out of my comfort zone to find out. I discover the good, the bad and the ugly. Most of all, I finally found the beauty within me. I was able to tap into a piece of my brain that I was afraid to unleash out of fear. Once I let those fears go I was able to live and have piece of mind. I free’d my mind, and it’s a feeling like no other. I feel heroic as if I can concur anything. So to answer your question,  I am a woman of happiness, positivity, a go-getter and a woman of “yes” who isn’t afraid to say no. I am a brave woman, but most of all I am a woman. A woman that can relate to other women.  At first, I believed posting my fitness videos inspired women to workout, (which it did), but since I’ve stepped out of my comfort to pursue my passion of becoming a fitness model, I’ve gained a new following of women (and men) wanting to purse their passion but afraid to take that first step. I think the fitness videos is that extra value to your lively-hood of feeling good and looking good…it totally builds confidence and gave me the energy I needed to not give up. Working out gave my day structure and taught me discipline. I learned results don’t happened over night and to stay consistent. I applied every mental challenge from fitness into making my dream come true.  I am living proof of what it means to be fearless, take that first step to reach your goals, believe in yourself, put in the work, there will be blood, sweat and tears but the reward is so worth it if its what you really want.

What are your goals when it comes to teaching in health and fitness?

My goal is to push the importance of happiness and piece of mind.  Use fitness as a way to release stress, tension and toxins from the body and use healthy eating habits to nourish, repair, and fuel your body. These are what kept me going and keep a positive mindset.

What drives you to continue to inspire young women?

Sometimes I feel I’ve been brainwashed as to how a female is suppose to think, look, and act. I’ve lowered myself, my value, and thoughts just to fit in the box of what a woman have been painted to be.  I’ve been told “girls can’t play sports”(Although I received a track scholarship), treated like an object, and deemed “psycho” because I’m single. Ummm, that doesn’t even make sense! This nonsense and unfair treatment is what drives me to inspire young girls…because it drives me crazy!

What are some of your biggest achievements in your career thus far?

My Biggest achievement would actually be doing my very first fitness modeling job for Silk Almond Milk. I call it my biggest achievement because, I quit my job to chase my dream of becoming a fitness model. I put in the hard work, gave it my best and it worked! Even though I was only shown for seconds at a time…I can truly say I am a working fitness model and ready to continue building my portfolio.

How did fitness help you keep a balance on your mental health and what did the beginning struggles look and feel like to you before transitioning over to becoming a professional fitness model?

Fitness was and has always been my escape zone…It was my mental and physical therapy and it helped with getting in rhythm with my body and making sure I kept breathing. Yes, breathing! Breathing is super important in fitness, when you properly breath in rhythm with your body, your able to execute the exercise much easier.  If I feel stressed, I stop to take three deep breaths to get back in tune and think clearly. The biggest struggle when I first started modeling was not knowing when or if I would get an audition and/or booked.  Going on auditions are nerve wrecking, because you don’t know what the casting director wants…especially when image is everything. Before ever audition I do my breathing exercises “Three big inhales and exhales”. Transitioning into a fitness model was exciting and I was eager to go on any audition I got. My first audition was for “REAL VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS” and I never played 1 day in my life…so I had to fake the audition to the best of my ability. The casting director saw right through it and gave me a look of “please leave” lol. I learned after that not to lie about your talents, practice the requested skills (if you can), never look unsure, always look confident and just be yourself. The best part of being a fitness model: it is my job to stay in shape, so I’m able to distress on a daily basis.

With all of your accomplishments in TV Production and Entertainment do you ever aspire to keep with it and combine both fitness and production together?

YES, ABSOLUTELY!!  It is my dream to merge wellness and entertainment together. I have written so many ideas and shows that I could have my own channel worth of content. I have a few videos on my youtube channel all professionally shot by an Atlanta based production company and produced/created by me.  However I would like to have my own production company where my work is being cranked out 24/7 and produce content for others.

How has following your passion in fitness lead you into a happier and more fulfilling life?

I can truly say nothing is impossible and words are powerful.

What advice would you give to young women today if they came to you and said, “My mother wants me to do this, but my real passion is…” What would you tell them?

I would say never disregard advice, but make sure you’re happy. I was fortunate enough to have a supportive Mom who at first feared my career jump from the office to model, then later embraced it, then got inspired to do her own thing once she saw my success. Now she is making extra money from a company she built in less than a year just by taking a leap of faith and believing in herself. My mother warned me of the things that could go wrong, but never of the things that could go right. We were taught to fear. So, I would tell that girl to listen to your mother and be prepared for the challenges ahead, but know yourself worth and make sure you’re happy, you never know who you may inspire.

Do you have any events or classes coming up for young girls to join and support?

Yes, I am currently putting together a fitness and women empowerment event later this year. I will give you all the details soon.

How can people watch you online and follow you on social media?

You can follow me on Instagram

Twitter & SnapChat @BrittNicole_Fit

YouTube: brittanynicoledixon

you can follow my career switch journey on my blog at

Thank you so much for this interview, I am truly horned!

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Curvy Chick Fitness Guide to Running. Your Heart Will Thank You Later.

Curvy Chick Fitness Guide to Running. Your Heart Will Thank You Later.
by Celebrity Fitness Instructor “Charity Lynette”

Hello Everyone, A healthy heart is a very important factor in living a long life.  Understanding how movement can change your life and reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, is an integral part of daily life.  I really wanted to put together a guide to help everyone with beginning your running or walking experience. It is important to know even if you are not actually running, the same concepts will apply if you are power walking. So I will always be referring to both and point out the difference if needed. You still need proper footwear, apparel, etc. I really want to share with you some things that will help you get started with your journey.


If you are new to working out and running you may need to speak to a physician because, as much as you want to do certain exercises you may not be able to. You need to make sure you are cleared to participate in certain workouts. Especially, if you are over 40 and not used to working out or more than 20 lbs over weight.



Every great workout and new routine begins with the proper shoes. If you are not sure if the shoe you are in is good for you, then try your best to get to the closest Running Store. Even if you think you have the proper shoe it never hurts to make sure! Jack Rabbit is a great place to go because they do a gait analysis (watching you run) and record it so that you can see exactly what is going on with your feet. From that footage they can recommend the best shoe for you. Jack Rabbit is a great resource in general because majority of the staff are runners and get taught the technical breakdown of most shoes as well as running nutrition, apparel, and recovery options. Just remember don’t let someone recommend a shoe to you without watching and recording you running or walking.



You might think that you can just wear whatever while you run/workout but the truth is dri-fit is best. When cotton gets wet it stays wet and while you are running you don’t need clothing weighing you down. Same thing goes for socks, cotton socks can give you blisters while running you want synthetic socks that wick dry so your feet stay dry. Running socks also don’t lose their shape so they won’t slide down into your shoe the way cotton socks do when they get over stretched. I honestly thought some of running stuff was a bunch of hoopla until I tried it out myself. I literally cannot run in anything other than dri-fit clothing. Don’t believe me? do a test run in different material and see how it feels. Also be aware of temperature especially when working out in the winter. Keeping a running journal is helpful in the beginning. Keeping track of temperature and what you were wearing especially in the winter will come in handy when trying to figure out how many layers you need for what temperature.



Now that you are correctly fitted lets talk about actually running. Scheduling runs is going to be key to holding your self accountable. Now if you want to start running to add something different to your workout routine then how long you run won’t be as important. If you are not thinking about entering races then just run when you can but if you are going to enter a race of 10k which is 6.2 miles then you may want to think about a more strict running schedule. My piece of advice for scheduling runs is to try and carve out 3 days of 30 minutes to dedicate to running whether it is morning or evenings. I can testify to preferring morning runs. I personally can’t run with too much food in my system so in the morning I have much better results and no cramping. Try to be a little more realistic when starting any new exercise regime. Going from no days a week to 5 days a week is most likely not going to happen. Take your time and ease into it. As you progress in your running/walking cross training is going to be something that is essential to running. Cycling, weights, and even yoga are great components that you can add to the routine. Recovery is extremely important and you need to have adequate rest days. Foam rolling, stretching, and off days need to be incorporated in the routine as well. I have added the Couch to 5k training schedule this is the one I felt the most helpful when I started running. Couch to 5K is a program that help you go from an actual couch to a training schedule that will get you ready to run your first 5k which is 3.1 miles. Another helpful tip is to use your current ability as markers when to walk and jog. For example if you can only run/jog for 45 seconds at a time use that as a marker. So jog for 45 seconds and walk for 45 seconds or longer if you need to, but the key is to alternate from jogging and walking at your level for a period of time. This is also called interval training. When you can jog longer do so. If you are interval training a few days a week for 30 minutes those 45 seconds will lead to a minute, a minute and a half, and so on. Running is about your own progression no one elses. If you are a walker you want to alternate between power walking and a slower walking pace. Soon that power walking will turn into a jog, I promise you just have to keep at it. 



A few key things to remember before you begin, first knowing why you are starting this is something you can reflect back on when you are feeling discouraged. Second, you are your own competition just try to focus on getting better and beating your own time. Third, find a way to keep yourself accountable whether it’s using an app or finding a workout partner. Try considering running/walking as an outlet and something your body needs and wants no matter how sore you may get vs a chore that you hate. Most importantly have fun and listen to your body. There is a difference from being sore and an injury. When knees and ankles are in long term pain or swollen that is something that should be checked out by a physician.

Good Luck with your journey and keep me posted with all your running activities highs and lows by using the hashtags #ccfrunners #curvychicksrun


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Viola Davis Wins Best Supporting Actress for “Fences” at The 2017 Oscars

Viola Davis won The Best Supporting Actress Role in “Fences” at the Sunday’s 89th Annual Oscars in Los Angeles, CA. Viola Davis is such an inspiration to us all and she shows us what it takes to be an African American woman in Hollywood who doesn’t take NO as an end all.. What a wonder woman! Viola was nominated amongst the elite in Hollywood and did not let that stop her.

The greatest quotes of Viola for the night was, “People ask me all the time, What Stories do you want to tell, Viola? and I Say, “Exhume those bodies, Exhume those stories of the people who never saw those dreams to fruition”.

That’s just it, what about the ones who didn’t get to make it and be heard? As an artist, how will your music or craft speak for those unspoken for? Viola Davis does an AMAZING job at getting those voices heard loud and clear. Viola, our hats goes off to you and congratulations once again! Keep making dreams come true as you are a true inspiration to all of the creative world and beyond!

“I became an artist — and thank God I did — because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life,” Davis said during her acceptance speech. “Here’s to August Wilson, who exalted the ordinary people.” – Viola Davis

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Exclusive Interview with Chandra Shaw about losing her Son Michael Shaw to Gun Violence

Losing a child to gun violence is a hard thing to deal with. had the opportunity to talk with a mother who had lost a child to gun violence. Her name is Chandra Shaw and her son Michael Shaw, died at just the age of 20 years old. Michael left behind his 2 year old daughter Brooklyn Shaw who will now have to grow up without a father to look up to. Imagine, having a fatherless child and how they would yearn for their father’s love and attention.

Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw

Tell me about your son? What was he like, how was he portrayed in high school?  

Michael had a big heart and was very over protective when it came to the people he loved. We used to call him “Iron Man”, because he was strong and tough. My son was book smart, he loved math and loved his daughter. We had a bond like we were brother and sister, he could come to me about anything, We used to get together once a month with the family and have movie nights and throughout the movie he would be the only one joking and laughing. He always had a smile on his face even when he got mad there was always a smile there. I knew when he would lie and I would know, because of his smile.

Do you recall the day he was killed? What happened?

October 10th, 2016, Michael went to his friends house to hangout. As they were hanging out, the conversation about one of his friends sister came up and they started arguing. One of the friends tried to break it up but by the time he could the other  friend had shot him in the back of his head twice.

Is it hard living without him? How do you cope with his death? 

Yes, it is very hard, because he used to sleep in the same room as me and I’ve been more protective over my other children since his death, because Memphis is a very dangerous place to stay in. You never know what could happen to your child, they cant even go to the movies without some being shot.

Would you want to help other parents who have been in this type of situation? 

Yes, I would like to help other parents, because we can`t keep sitting around watching our children die like this. A mother never wants to bury their child first, but sometimes God has other plans for our lives.


At the end of the interview, I offered my condolences to her family. As I said before losing a child isn’t easy. Parents have to deal with a lot after they lose their child, because that may be their only child and if they have more they become over protective than ever, because they wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to their other children.

There has been approximately 227 homicides in Memphis, Tennessee since January 2016 to Present time and 184 has been recorded as Gun Related deaths. When will our youth learn better ways? It is up to the older generation to come together and educate our youth so fatal outcomes such as Michael’s would not happen so commonly.


Michaels Daughter That He Now Leaves Behind

Michael’s Daughter, Brooklyn Shaw


Always remember to take ahold of your loved ones and love them dearly, because you never know when it’s going to be the last time that you will be able to see them.

For more information about Michael Shaw’s family and if want to help support the family in anyway please reach out to The Official AO at

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Feeding A Monster, A Memoir by Veronica Loving Book Signing Release Party

The new Memoir “Feeding A Monster” is a riveting story of a mother and daughter’s journey through a family tragedy, and their triumphant return to love. A genius blend of comedy, tragedy and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.Author Veronica Loving celebrated the release of her new Memoir with a book signing held at The Study on December 8, 2016 in Los Angeles with a host of celebrity support. Celebrities in attendance included Ciera Payton(CBS NCIS), Dasha Chadwick (Tyler Perry’s The Have and The Have Nots Season 2), Anthony Pazos (WE TV’s “L.A. Hair”), Alyssia Joy Powell (NBC’s The Mysteries Of Laura), Ali Levine (Celebrity Stylist), Rob McBass (Producer),Jazzmine Jackson (Artist), Carmi Greene (Actress), and many others.


Author Veronica Loving was inspired to write her first book, a Memoir entitled “Feeding A Monster,” when tragedy struck her family and destroyed her 20-year marriage damaging the lives of her and her children. Veronica is now a motivational speaker and advocate for Sexual Assault and Abuse victims. Her work in this field has led her to start a non-profit organization called “Loving You Through It,” where she helps victims of Sexual Assault, Molestation and Domestic Violence move through their circumstances and begin to step out of survival and begin to thrive to their highest potential. She also partnered with an organization called “Fatherless Daughter” to become a certified advocate for the organization. Feeding A Monster can now be purchased at and

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Top Reasons Why the Cast of B.E.T Centric’s From the Bottom Up is So Inspirational

The All woman cast Pictured above (Left to Right) consists of Chanita Foster. Stacii Jae, Kimberly Smedley, Christine Beatty, Chrystale Wilson, and Sara Stokes.


These 6 women all hold their own unique struggles for the world to see. Introducing Chanita Foster (Former Football Wives Reality Star) to the mix adds a great flavor to the show. Stacii Jae who dealt with her DUI problems, Kim Smedley who was caught up in her million dollar butt injections business, Christine Beatty for having ethical issues in the court room,  Sara Stokes to dealing with Spousal Domestic abuse and Chrystal Wilson, most known as Ronnie on “The Player Club” who ran into trouble with the law. All of these ladies listed above have dealt with experiencing the bottom, yet staying resilient through it all and the reasons for saying this show is inspirational to all people especially women are listed below.

The Cast with Executive Producer, Nicci Gilbert Wearing the Red Dress

Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Gettys Images The Cast with Executive Producer, Nicci Gilbert (Red Dress)


They all showed us what “The Bottom” could look like.

As an individual and especially a woman whether you are a single parent, a college student or someone who is couch surfing could all relate to the feeling of “I’ve hit rock bottom”. These women hold that same type of reality one way or another. The difference with these women shown above and you is that they’re in front of cameras 24/7 and are being looked at under a microscope. Their stories all tell a unique part of starting from the bottom and I think that you could truly appreciate the essence of what that is.

Their struggles were relatable to the average person’s life struggles

Take Reality Star and R&B singer, Sara Stokes for example. She was at the top of her career when chosen for Diddy’s Making the Band series in the early 2000’s, but then was cut short due to early band dismantlement and spousal domestic abuse. If you haven’t directly been affected by domestic abuse then I’m sure you know someone close to you who has. We all go through our own personal struggles and by watching these women go through theirs on camera and make that journey back to the top of their careers should surely be a huge inspiration to us all. Learn from their mistakes and how they did not give up on the end goal and apply that to your own life.

They didn’t have a lot of money to help them get back to the top.

These women did not have millions saved in the bank that we know of to help launch their careers again. The key to their current uprising I believe was in the POWER of RELATIONSHIPS. They used their surrounding networks and relationship in Executive Producer, Nicci Gilbert who in turn made this show even possible to see on air. This is a prime example of how you can get your story out there to thousands of people without already having tons of money in the bank. Of course their names helped in some cases, but lets be honest they are hungry for their success and they did not let not having a lot of money stop them from accomplishing their dreams.

All of the women used their struggles and pain to create new successful careers for themselves.

Even though the struggle is TOO real and hurts like hell, we all can learn a great deal of lessons in these times. These women swallowed that tough pill, paid their dues and kept it moving. You have to do the same thing when it comes to falling in life. No one said it would be easy and that things will be handed to you. As a woman we have to prove ourselves that much more than our male counterparts to be taken seriously. Use your pain as a ladder to the top, because there is only one you and your story is unique. Use that and run with it all the way to your rightful throne.

Season 2 of “From The Bottom Up” is here and you can catch it on B.E.T Centric Designed for Black Women Saturdays @10pm/9 C!

Watch the Season 2 Trailer below here at The Official AO



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