Sit Down Q&A with Music Artist L Rucus Sit Down Q&A with Music Artist L Rucus
Who is L Rucus? What kind of music do you bring to the industry and how do you stand out from the rest? L... Sit Down Q&A with Music Artist L Rucus

Who is L Rucus?

What kind of music do you bring to the industry and how do you stand out from the rest? L is a hungry, hardworking, humble and above all talented artist who strives to be the best in whatever he does. Delving in both hip/hop and Rnb, L isn’t afraid to try new things and make a splash in the music scene. With a hip/hop soul and lyrics, blended in with smooth Rnb hooks and harmonies, L isn’t afraid to push the envelope on what it truly means to be an artist.

Tell Official AO about your story and what challenges did you have to go through to be successful?

Adversity facing a growing boy and a dying father. With a father suffering from Alzheimer’s, a debilitating disease which deteriorates the mind and stops old and new memories from being made, I suffered with finding a medium between a man for my family, but a boy mourning his father. Music was my escape and my focus to take my mind off of what stressed me on a daily. Rather vent and talk about it in a way that helped me cope.

What has been your biggest lesson in pursuing your independent music career?

Never expect someone else to do what you should be doing yourself. Its cool to depend on people, but never more than you depend on yourself. You should always be the first line of defense to any problem. The kobe to your lakers, or the Lebron to your Cavs. Team is important, but be your own star player.

Who are some music artists that you have opened up for and what are some of your biggest career achievements?

BIG KRIT by far was one of my favorites and best events as of now just because of how much i respect and admire him as an artist, as well as the feedback i received from that crowd when i was given my moment. It was really a night to remember.

L Rucus

L Rucus

How do you keep yourself motivated when it seems that all odds are against you?

By telling myself this is what i was meant to do, your so far than the rest, your more talented, you work harder, and above all, your family depends on you. If I don’t, who will? I refuse to let another man live my dream for me.

Before i release my next project titled “The long way home”, i’m planning to drop very soon my “F.I.I.R 2″(pronounced “fear”) mixtape. Which is an acronym for “Fxxx it, Its Rucus”. Its a compilation of the hottest songs of the year that i compiled into a project to showcase my versatility as an artist. Whether its an Rnb vibe, Lyrical exercise, swag rap, or something for the ladies. The project is without a doubt going to leave people saying “He can rap, and above all, he’s talented as hell”.

Are you performing live anywhere and how can we keep updated with everything that you are doing?

Currently putting together a list of events and shows to be announced, to stay updated check out the website at IAMLRUCUS.NET and follow all the social links to stay in the loop. Subscribe to the mailing list as well to be given any and all music and news ahead of time

Do you have any advice for the youth out there who only hears the negative feedback in pursuing their career and can’t seem to stay motivated?

How can you encourage them to see that their careers are worth it in the end? This isn’t a game, its a job. And like any job, you put in work, time, and effort to really get the best result. It’s not all fun and games, but if your serious and truly take your craft serious, you’ll rise to the challenge and stand tall. I always go by my very first verse as a way to keep me motivated. “You see this life is never guaranteed, so i choose to wake up from reality, and live my dreams”. -L.Rucus-

Do you have any shout-outs and where can we follow you on social media?






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