Mya Cullins Is A Powerful Force in Business Who Gets the Job Done

Mya Cullins is a Business Woman, A Mother, An Author, A Speaker, A Wife, A Woman of God and A Prominent Community Leader of Greensboro, North Carolina. As a woman of color in business, Mya represents what every strong ambitious woman deserves in life. Mya Cullins has written her first book “Behind The Veil” that will be on the big screen very soon and speaks to her community about Ambition, Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship.

A Little about Changing Phases Inc:

Changing Phases Behavioral Support, Inc. (CPBS) is a professional organization that is known for providing Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services since February 2006. Changing Phases has experience in providing everything from Residential Treatment , Substance Abuse Groups, Individual Counseling and Assessments in North Carolina. Changing Phases also currently provides Community Based services in the Greater Atlanta Area. Changing Phases recently decided to incorporate outpatient opioid treatment services as another measure to successfully address ongoing opiate dependence. Changing Phases takes great pride in maintaining the values, mission, and direction of the organization. Changing Phases always provides a comprehensive treatment experience resulting in a desire for the best outcome possible for all persons served.

There were only 5 clients before the true success and moving to North Carolina proved more success to Mya and Quinten Cullins where they could best serve their community as the services were desperately needed. Mya is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Human Services and is very strategic in balancing her personal life and career so that neither will spill into the other.


The Official AO recently Interviewed Mya Cullins, the Co-founder of Changing Phases Inc.  As a family woman, Mya wants the best outcome for not only her family, but also her community.

The Official AO: What Inspired you to Write “Behind The Veil”?

MC: I was inspired by my family and marriage. The book is based only on real life experiences.

The Official AO: In your Opinion, What are the 3 keys to success?

MC: Have a vision, Fulfill vision, and Never give up.

The Official AO: What Can We Expect Next?

MC: My book, “Behind the Veil” to be on the big screen and Major Network offers for our own Reality Television show.

The Official AO: Why do you love serving your community so much?

MC: I enjoy giving back and making a difference in the lives of others that are in need. Giving back in something that was inspired by the acts of my great grandparents, grandmother..etc. This is what led me to start my own non-profit organization Sarah Jettie Community development Corp @

Mya Cullins is an inspiration to the ones who feels like there is no way out especially in mental health where leadership is greatly needed in all of our communities. We are deeply appreciative of such the leader you are to your community in North Carolina and communities world-wide. All of the compassion that you give to the youth and families, you are a perfect example of how we all should serve our people.

To stay updated with everything Mya Cullins is doing for her community and a chance to purchase her book “Behind The Veil” please check out her website below.

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Office to Fitness Model, Brittany Dixon Talks About Leaping for her Dreams

Brittany Dixon

Who is Brittany Dixon and how do you inspire women in the fitness industry?

That’s a really good question…”Who is Brittany Dixon” the funny thing is, I’ve been on a self discovery journey to find out exactly who I am, what I stand for and what truly makes me happy. I had to step out of my comfort zone to find out. I discover the good, the bad and the ugly. Most of all, I finally found the beauty within me. I was able to tap into a piece of my brain that I was afraid to unleash out of fear. Once I let those fears go I was able to live and have piece of mind. I free’d my mind, and it’s a feeling like no other. I feel heroic as if I can concur anything. So to answer your question,  I am a woman of happiness, positivity, a go-getter and a woman of “yes” who isn’t afraid to say no. I am a brave woman, but most of all I am a woman. A woman that can relate to other women.  At first, I believed posting my fitness videos inspired women to workout, (which it did), but since I’ve stepped out of my comfort to pursue my passion of becoming a fitness model, I’ve gained a new following of women (and men) wanting to purse their passion but afraid to take that first step. I think the fitness videos is that extra value to your lively-hood of feeling good and looking good…it totally builds confidence and gave me the energy I needed to not give up. Working out gave my day structure and taught me discipline. I learned results don’t happened over night and to stay consistent. I applied every mental challenge from fitness into making my dream come true.  I am living proof of what it means to be fearless, take that first step to reach your goals, believe in yourself, put in the work, there will be blood, sweat and tears but the reward is so worth it if its what you really want.

What are your goals when it comes to teaching in health and fitness?

My goal is to push the importance of happiness and piece of mind.  Use fitness as a way to release stress, tension and toxins from the body and use healthy eating habits to nourish, repair, and fuel your body. These are what kept me going and keep a positive mindset.

What drives you to continue to inspire young women?

Sometimes I feel I’ve been brainwashed as to how a female is suppose to think, look, and act. I’ve lowered myself, my value, and thoughts just to fit in the box of what a woman have been painted to be.  I’ve been told “girls can’t play sports”(Although I received a track scholarship), treated like an object, and deemed “psycho” because I’m single. Ummm, that doesn’t even make sense! This nonsense and unfair treatment is what drives me to inspire young girls…because it drives me crazy!

What are some of your biggest achievements in your career thus far?

My Biggest achievement would actually be doing my very first fitness modeling job for Silk Almond Milk. I call it my biggest achievement because, I quit my job to chase my dream of becoming a fitness model. I put in the hard work, gave it my best and it worked! Even though I was only shown for seconds at a time…I can truly say I am a working fitness model and ready to continue building my portfolio.

How did fitness help you keep a balance on your mental health and what did the beginning struggles look and feel like to you before transitioning over to becoming a professional fitness model?

Fitness was and has always been my escape zone…It was my mental and physical therapy and it helped with getting in rhythm with my body and making sure I kept breathing. Yes, breathing! Breathing is super important in fitness, when you properly breath in rhythm with your body, your able to execute the exercise much easier.  If I feel stressed, I stop to take three deep breaths to get back in tune and think clearly. The biggest struggle when I first started modeling was not knowing when or if I would get an audition and/or booked.  Going on auditions are nerve wrecking, because you don’t know what the casting director wants…especially when image is everything. Before ever audition I do my breathing exercises “Three big inhales and exhales”. Transitioning into a fitness model was exciting and I was eager to go on any audition I got. My first audition was for “REAL VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS” and I never played 1 day in my life…so I had to fake the audition to the best of my ability. The casting director saw right through it and gave me a look of “please leave” lol. I learned after that not to lie about your talents, practice the requested skills (if you can), never look unsure, always look confident and just be yourself. The best part of being a fitness model: it is my job to stay in shape, so I’m able to distress on a daily basis.

With all of your accomplishments in TV Production and Entertainment do you ever aspire to keep with it and combine both fitness and production together?

YES, ABSOLUTELY!!  It is my dream to merge wellness and entertainment together. I have written so many ideas and shows that I could have my own channel worth of content. I have a few videos on my youtube channel all professionally shot by an Atlanta based production company and produced/created by me.  However I would like to have my own production company where my work is being cranked out 24/7 and produce content for others.

How has following your passion in fitness lead you into a happier and more fulfilling life?

I can truly say nothing is impossible and words are powerful.

What advice would you give to young women today if they came to you and said, “My mother wants me to do this, but my real passion is…” What would you tell them?

I would say never disregard advice, but make sure you’re happy. I was fortunate enough to have a supportive Mom who at first feared my career jump from the office to model, then later embraced it, then got inspired to do her own thing once she saw my success. Now she is making extra money from a company she built in less than a year just by taking a leap of faith and believing in herself. My mother warned me of the things that could go wrong, but never of the things that could go right. We were taught to fear. So, I would tell that girl to listen to your mother and be prepared for the challenges ahead, but know yourself worth and make sure you’re happy, you never know who you may inspire.

Do you have any events or classes coming up for young girls to join and support?

Yes, I am currently putting together a fitness and women empowerment event later this year. I will give you all the details soon.

How can people watch you online and follow you on social media?

You can follow me on Instagram

Twitter & SnapChat @BrittNicole_Fit

YouTube: brittanynicoledixon

you can follow my career switch journey on my blog at

Thank you so much for this interview, I am truly horned!

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Meet Emmy Award Winning Film Composer Matthew Head

Ever wondered what a film composer does and what their job title consists of? Has your heart ever skipped a beat while sitting at the edge of your seat because of the build-up music suspense?  Well I want everyone to meet Matthew Head, an Emmy Award winning film and television Film composer who is the man behind the suspenseful music scenes. He has done some great work with some of your favorite actors, directors and music artists like Goapele, Terri J. Vaughn, Rickey Smiley and a many more to name. Matthew is the creative genius behind the music and is currently working on bigger projects to date. It’s great to work with such a talented individual in the entertainment industry. I have had the opportunity to sit down with Matthew a few times over the phone about what exactly he does and what’s next to come from his work. For the full interview with Matthew read below.

Matthew Head, Emmy Winning Film Composer

Matthew Head, Emmy Winning Film Composer


What do you enjoy most about being a film composer?

The art of building the music and emotion around the film. Creating new sounds and feeding off the energy of the film is very enjoyable. It’s not about making music that fits the scene, but adding the emotion that will push the scene to another level. 

Who are some notable people that you were stoked about working with in your career thus far?

I usually do not have the privilege of meeting the actors, I only deal with the directors and producers of a project. But with that being said, I’ve had the opportunity to share projects with Actor/director Terri J. Vaughn, singer/songwriter Goapele, comedian Rickey Smiley and others.

Do you feel like you have achieved your ultimate goals in your career or do you feel like you haven’t reached your peak and why?

I don’t think I will ever reach my peak. My goals get bigger and more extravagant each day. I just put my head down work and let everything fall in place. I really don’t think about it, I just take the opportunities, Thank God, and do what I do best.

What are some current projects that you are working with and what networks will be airing it?

I am currently scoring the film The Woman on the Ledge, directed by Trey Haley and starring Rumor Willis. The film will be airing on LIfetime Television in 2017. I just finished scoring the comedy, #DigitalLivesMatter directed by Terri J. Vaughn starring comedian DC Young Fly. There are a few other projects that I can’t really go into detail about. But stay tuned…

How tough has the road been to success for you?

The road hasn’t been tough because I enjoy the journey. I never sought out to be a film composer, so everything has been new and happens so fast. I take every experience as a learning tool and I apply it to my next project. I truly enjoy and love what I do. 

What kind of legacy would you like to leave to your loved ones after everything is said and done?

My legacy is based around who I’ve touched and how touched them. It doesn’t have to be music. Music is a love and a gift that I have and I don’t want it to define me as a man, father, husband. etc. I use music as a tool to mentor and teach others. My legacy can be defined by living my dreams and sharing my gift.

What’s some advice you have to the future film and television composers out there in the world in staying focused towards success?

KEEP WORKING!!! Take advantage of ALL opportunities. Always say yes and never try to say No. 

How can everyone find you on social media?

You can follow me on twitter at @mattheadmusic and on instagram  @mattheadmusic. My website is 


Also, Check out Matthews’s latest Film Reel Here only at Official AO


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James A. Worthy, Grammy Nominated Producer Going All The Way Up!
James (Middle) with Tally (Left) and Supa Peach(Right) of The Rap Game

James (Middle) with Tally (Left) and Supa Peach(Right) of The Rap Game

James A. Worth is a Grammy Nominated Music Producer who is responsible for creating hit songs with artists such as Sara Stokes From BET Centric’s T.V show From The Bottom Up, Bone Crusher, Justin Bieber and many more. It’s been a blessing being able to work with such a humble and talented producer as Worthy. He is a perfect example of hard work and perfecting his craft.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Worthy in an interview below.

James A. Worthy

James A. Worthy


What’s New happening in James A. Worthy’s Career?

Everything! From music, television, becoming an author, etc. Im blessed!

Are you working with any new music artists right now?

Right now I’m pushing the current singles I have out right now in which the latest is Supa Peach – Pretty Gang which has grossed over a million views under a month. We also just released the remix featuring Tally from The Rap Game season 2. As for new projects working with: Isiah Rashad, SAS, We R Charm, Sidney Starr, Jhonni Blaze, Bonecrusher, International Nova, and many others.

Your music Career is shooting the roof right now from working with Platinum artists to being on reality Television Shows, nominated for a Grammy. How do you feel about your success this far?

I feel overly blessed and overwhelmed of how far I’ve came in such a short period of time. It goes to show consistency and the passion for success always wins.

What is your favorite part of being a music producer and how do you go about picking which artist to work with next?

My favorite part is actually loving the art I make, but most importantly seeing and knowing the reaction of others on how they embrace it as well. Once i decide to work with an artist I look for creativity, passion, and something that isn’t typical about them that would stand out within my production.

Whats next for your career? How do you plan to end 2016 with a big bang?

Continuing to release new singles, and filming for a couple reality shows for next year. Stay Tuned!

How can people find you on social media?

IG: @kingjamesworthy

Twitter: @kingjamesworthy

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