Curvy Chick Fitness Guide to Running. Your Heart Will Thank You Later.

Curvy Chick Fitness Guide to Running. Your Heart Will Thank You Later.
by Celebrity Fitness Instructor “Charity Lynette”

Hello Everyone, A healthy heart is a very important factor in living a long life.  Understanding how movement can change your life and reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, is an integral part of daily life.  I really wanted to put together a guide to help everyone with beginning your running or walking experience. It is important to know even if you are not actually running, the same concepts will apply if you are power walking. So I will always be referring to both and point out the difference if needed. You still need proper footwear, apparel, etc. I really want to share with you some things that will help you get started with your journey.


If you are new to working out and running you may need to speak to a physician because, as much as you want to do certain exercises you may not be able to. You need to make sure you are cleared to participate in certain workouts. Especially, if you are over 40 and not used to working out or more than 20 lbs over weight.



Every great workout and new routine begins with the proper shoes. If you are not sure if the shoe you are in is good for you, then try your best to get to the closest Running Store. Even if you think you have the proper shoe it never hurts to make sure! Jack Rabbit is a great place to go because they do a gait analysis (watching you run) and record it so that you can see exactly what is going on with your feet. From that footage they can recommend the best shoe for you. Jack Rabbit is a great resource in general because majority of the staff are runners and get taught the technical breakdown of most shoes as well as running nutrition, apparel, and recovery options. Just remember don’t let someone recommend a shoe to you without watching and recording you running or walking.



You might think that you can just wear whatever while you run/workout but the truth is dri-fit is best. When cotton gets wet it stays wet and while you are running you don’t need clothing weighing you down. Same thing goes for socks, cotton socks can give you blisters while running you want synthetic socks that wick dry so your feet stay dry. Running socks also don’t lose their shape so they won’t slide down into your shoe the way cotton socks do when they get over stretched. I honestly thought some of running stuff was a bunch of hoopla until I tried it out myself. I literally cannot run in anything other than dri-fit clothing. Don’t believe me? do a test run in different material and see how it feels. Also be aware of temperature especially when working out in the winter. Keeping a running journal is helpful in the beginning. Keeping track of temperature and what you were wearing especially in the winter will come in handy when trying to figure out how many layers you need for what temperature.



Now that you are correctly fitted lets talk about actually running. Scheduling runs is going to be key to holding your self accountable. Now if you want to start running to add something different to your workout routine then how long you run won’t be as important. If you are not thinking about entering races then just run when you can but if you are going to enter a race of 10k which is 6.2 miles then you may want to think about a more strict running schedule. My piece of advice for scheduling runs is to try and carve out 3 days of 30 minutes to dedicate to running whether it is morning or evenings. I can testify to preferring morning runs. I personally can’t run with too much food in my system so in the morning I have much better results and no cramping. Try to be a little more realistic when starting any new exercise regime. Going from no days a week to 5 days a week is most likely not going to happen. Take your time and ease into it. As you progress in your running/walking cross training is going to be something that is essential to running. Cycling, weights, and even yoga are great components that you can add to the routine. Recovery is extremely important and you need to have adequate rest days. Foam rolling, stretching, and off days need to be incorporated in the routine as well. I have added the Couch to 5k training schedule this is the one I felt the most helpful when I started running. Couch to 5K is a program that help you go from an actual couch to a training schedule that will get you ready to run your first 5k which is 3.1 miles. Another helpful tip is to use your current ability as markers when to walk and jog. For example if you can only run/jog for 45 seconds at a time use that as a marker. So jog for 45 seconds and walk for 45 seconds or longer if you need to, but the key is to alternate from jogging and walking at your level for a period of time. This is also called interval training. When you can jog longer do so. If you are interval training a few days a week for 30 minutes those 45 seconds will lead to a minute, a minute and a half, and so on. Running is about your own progression no one elses. If you are a walker you want to alternate between power walking and a slower walking pace. Soon that power walking will turn into a jog, I promise you just have to keep at it. 



A few key things to remember before you begin, first knowing why you are starting this is something you can reflect back on when you are feeling discouraged. Second, you are your own competition just try to focus on getting better and beating your own time. Third, find a way to keep yourself accountable whether it’s using an app or finding a workout partner. Try considering running/walking as an outlet and something your body needs and wants no matter how sore you may get vs a chore that you hate. Most importantly have fun and listen to your body. There is a difference from being sore and an injury. When knees and ankles are in long term pain or swollen that is something that should be checked out by a physician.

Good Luck with your journey and keep me posted with all your running activities highs and lows by using the hashtags #ccfrunners #curvychicksrun


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The Fashion World Gathers to Say Goodbye to Plus Model Influencer “Joy Ashley”.

Joy Ashley

On Saturday November 26, the plus model industry along with close family, gathered to say goodbye to one of the most classy women in the business. Joy Ashley, a well known plus model curator was the owner and operator of NYC Plus Model Network. Her company was known for assisting plus models in gaining experience in the business by giving them opportunities for major brands like Ashley Stewart.

plusmodelcasting plusmodelcasting1 plusmodelcasting2 plusmodelchristinamendez


Joy was widely known for successfully organizing one of the biggest plus size castings in history in New York City on January 26th, 2013. As the owner of the NYC Plus Model Network Ms. Joy Ashley had a vision to create an event that would give the plus size model community an opportunity to meet and work with casting directors and the most influential brands in the business. That vision did come to fruition. Some of the top names and decision makers in the plus size modeling and fashion industry signed on to show support for this groundbreaking event including celebrity stylist, Steffany Bready- Edwards, one of the plus industry’s top plus models, Christina Mendez, accomplished beauty model, Asia Monet, celebrity model/actress (Baby Boy & The Best Man) Liris Crosse, celebrity print and runway model Jeannie Ferguson, Style Network’s Jerseylicious star, Doria Pagnotta, 2011 cover girl for Full Figured Fashion Week in New York, Nina Taylor, entrepreneur and principle plus size model, Samantha Lebbie, and many more.

Dave & Busters
and Skorch Magazine/TV signed on as her lead sponsors helping to make the event a mega success with lines around the corner and plus model hopefuls coming from as far as Canada to strut their stuff for the panel.


joyandmom sipshopthumbnail_11902285_821706071281796_1792933213336652507_n
Driven by that success, Joy returned with the same passion planning a new event called Sip ‘N Shop On The Rocks (Curvy Edition). The event took place in the heart of Midtown where prominent plus-size designers and models showcased their latest ensembles and accessories for industry insiders and consumers, alike. The match of fine liquor was provided by Exclusiv Vodca, champagne and delicious treats was the perfect complement to fabulous runway exhibitions of curated clothing collections
by such plus influencers as Anita Marshall, Tricia Campbell, Philomena Kwao, Naimah Terry, Liris Crosse & Asia Monet. Catherine Schuller, stylist to the stars, Susan Moses, reality stars, Sabrina Servance and Tiffany Bank, industry icon, Catherine Schuller, television actress/accomplished model, Michele Lawson, industry plus models, Ask Mocha, Alisa Wade, Lola Cambell, Techla Nesbitt, Khemeka Beckford, April Shari, Nicole Flores and Charlene Grace, as well as, celebrity photographer, Jose Pagan, Ms.Full-Figured USA Plus, Ciuela Suella, celebrity blogger, Essie Golden of “Golden Kaleidoscope”, along with brands like, IGIGI and Qristyl Frazier Designs.

At the time Ms. Ashley stated “As a curvy woman who loves fashion, beauty and all things fabulous it’s difficult to understand why the industry continuously ignores the plus community. I was so over going to fashion events, stores and shows that didn’t represent full figured women in a positive light so I decided to create the events my fashionista heart craved.” Ashley noted the tremendous level of support the show galvanized, vowing to continue her work, “until there isn’t a need for [these types of events]. We aren’t a trend, fad or passing flavor of the month. Curvy girls are here and aren’t going anywhere.”

Joy recently spoke to friends and business associates about doing a huge event for 2018 and although she is no longer with us, a few have agreed to make her vision once again come true.

Rest in Peace Ms. Joy Ashley! You have made your mark on the world and on all those around you.

A few industry insiders left some words of encouragement on their social media pages: 

“Joy was a Joy to us all, hard worker and supportive friend. Joy would call me and say “I have an idea and want to know if you want to be down on this project” I said yes to each and every one of those calls. She had me host events, facilitate model bootcamps, judge model search, be part of panels and sell my closet…..she wanted to see her friends win. No matter the event or project she executed them flawlessly. We will miss you dearly.” Christina Mendez, Plus Size SuperModel

Joy was a good woman who was genuine, creative, determined & beyond helpful. I loved how she always came up with events to enhance the #plusmodel & #plusfashion communities. She gave so many #models , #designers & #brands OPPORTUNITIES to grow & thrive! She shared her knowledge always & just was sweet as pie. She will surely be missed by many but I want to salute her for her many accomplishments for herself & those she pushed to greatness! Liris Crosse, Plus Size SuperModel/Actress

Joy reached out to me when I had the first PNO in NYC in 2012. She was my model coordinator for 2013 and ever since. Anytime she had an event, I did my best to be there and support behind the scenes. She was the most elegant woman I knew. That’s what I will remember. Her elegance. Jovanna Reyes, EIC of Curvysta Magazine and producer of Plus Night Out.

Joy was one of my first friends I made when I moved to New York. We met at a casting and we’ve been talking ever since. She is a super special woman that I now know God placed in my life for exact reasons. I love her to pieces and will continue to honor her vision by fulfilling what she said she saw in me and my potential. Charity Lynette, CEO of Curvy Chick Fitness/Plus Model

“My Joy” as I often called her, was not just a friend, she was like my little big sister, my confident and suppoter. I will miss her, but she will live on in my heart. Techla Nesbitt, Plus Model
“I met Joy through social media years ago and wanted to support her by attending a model casting and panel series she created in 2013. I was not prepared for what I saw. Hundreds of model hopefuls from around the country were there to gleen from some of the most talented people in the industry. I have not seen a casting of its kind since. Joy was an undeniable force who touched the lives of so many people. I am so incredibly saddened by her transition. Cassy Jones-McBryde, Founder of The International Fuller Woman Network.
Joy was our client. As a publicist each client experience is personal. Joy was very sheek in the way she put things together. She kept me on my toes. I always knew it was nothing but the best when I work her red carpet. She will be missed tremendously. Blessings to her and her family.  Ernest Jackson, Publicist MNS Media Group


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As the 2016 holiday season draws near, celebrity fitness trainer Charity Lynette has a groundbreaking, new online TV series cooking–looking at What’s In Your Basket?, and teaching people how to live healthier, happier lives. Charity, a plus-size model and fitness instructor, has been featured on such diverse media outlets as Centric TV, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, Full Blossom Magazine (FBM), and the NY Daily News. As CEO of Curvy Chick Fitness, Charity’s work with hospitals, health fairs, and celebrity clients brings the gift of improved health and better living to thousands of people from coast to coast. “My journey has been a long road to get to where I am comfortable with my body and health,” Charity says, and with this latest venture, she’s ready to do the same for countless others. What’s In Your Basket? takes place in real life, with Charity doing “woman in the street” interviews with people to find out what is in their “Life’s Basket” that’s causing them to be unhealthy. Whatever those items are–stress, poor eating habits, poverty–Charity devises a plan to help people make healthy choices and address those issues!

Beginning with a fabulous premiere, there will be two episodes a month on YouTube, with the ultimate goal of moving to network television, What’s In Your Basket showcases Charity’s unique approach to fitness, incorporating dance, one-on-one workouts, and comprehensive meal prep tutelage, and expands her concepts to other areas of life activity. On the show, Charity teaches us how to shop for a meal, make your favorite holiday dishes healthier, how to blend holiday food into your weekly meal prep, the way to do a detox and make delicious, healing smoothies, homemade versions of prepackaged, processed foods, and much, much more! As a woman whose own struggles with weight loss–she successfully shed 110 pounds after the death of her mother from heart disease prompted Charity to take her life in a completely new direction. “I wanted to teach women and give them the tools to get to a healthier version of themselves,” Charity states, “Going through my own 110-pound weight loss journey has prepared me to work with women not only physically but mentally as well.”

Follow: IG: @curvychickfitnessofficial  Twitter: @curvychickfit    Facebook: CurvyChickFitness

Discover more about Charity’s work at her website

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