The Rain OF Rap’s “So Simple” Music Video Premiere

Hip Hop artist The Rain of Rap has released his brand new music video for his single “So Simple”. The first official single released in 2017 from his forthcoming album “Come Ride With Me”.  The Rain Of Rap recently rreceived amazing success dropping his promo song “Unconditional Love”, which received over 1 Million Authentic views on YouTube. To view the video from the Quicky-Rising Independent artist, visit his YouTube channel at
In the New York City area please be on the look out for the commercial promoting “Unconditional Love” on MTV, BET, VH1, WeTV, Bravo & Oxygen.
The song was leaked a few months ago and quickly became a fan favorite with The Rain Of Rap performing it in various clubs in New York City; but was never officially released. With the success of his first promo song going so well he needed an official single to follow up.
The video features R&B/Jazz singer Georgia Brown, as his main girlfriend and they are going through trust issues. From looking through his phone to getting upset when fans ask for a selfie, she won’t let anything slide.  What’s a guy to do?  Do you Stay or Do you Leave?
“So simple” was directed and co-produced by Native Son Entertainment/MNS Media Group, who also worked with such clients as NuVo tv network star of Curvy Girls “Ivory May”, Basketball Wives LA “Jackie Christie”, Bravo TV ‘s Millionaire Matchmaker “Robin Kassner”, Bounce Tv’s “My Crazy Roommate” star “Gregg Wayans” & Actresses/ Plus Super Models “Summer Wayans”, International Jazz Star “Jimena Bautista”, Editor In Chief of Hip Hop Weekly “Cynthia Horner” Celebrity Birthday Bash, 2x Grammy Award Winning, Multi- Platinum Super Producer “STREETRUNNER”, “The Female Hip Hop Honor Awards”, Kimberly Rivers Roberts HBO’s “Treme”, BET Rip The Runway’s/Essence Model “Christina Mendez”, Legendary Grammy Winner “Queen Pen”, Justin “J Shoc” Reynolds (Seven Pounds & Tarzan II), Legendary Female Dance/Rap Group Oaktown’s 357, Celebrity Fitness Instructor/Owner of Curvy ChickFitness “Charity Lynette” and many more.
The Rain OF Rap is currently setting up his tour starting in New York City to Washington, DC with several stops in-between.  During the tour The Rain Of Rap will be opening for some of the hottest artist in the industry and the whole tour will be promoted on the BET & VH1 Network.  Check out The Rain Of Rap on Instagram or Twitter: @therainofrap


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‘The Walking Dead’ is under fire for whitewashing iconic ‘Moonlight’ poster



Actress/Model Lauren Quatavia, featured as one of Negan’s wives on the hit horror-drama AMC TV series The Walking Dead, states that she doesn’t believe the show had racist intentions when putting out the poster.  To me it was paying respect to Moonlights accomplishments.
I’ve been on the set for days and I was treated with the utmost respect by my cast members and even the producers.  Although I am the only African American out of seven of Negan’s wives and a featured actress on the show, they have really included me in show activities including the Wrap Party and some really fun events.  
I look forward to continuing to work with the amazing cast and ask that all the fans of the show continue to support us.

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The Roxanne Wars is a well-known series of hip hop rivalries during the mid-1980s, yielding perhaps the most answer records in history.  One of the better battles was the one between Roxanne Shante & Sparky D called  “Sparky’s Turn” (Roxanne, You’re Through).

Well now it seems Sparky is ready for another battle.  She has once again jumped into a battle that is pretty intense right now.  Check out the Diss track against @NICKIMINAJ AND @REMYMA exclusively on

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Curvy Chick Fitness Guide to Running. Your Heart Will Thank You Later.

Curvy Chick Fitness Guide to Running. Your Heart Will Thank You Later.
by Celebrity Fitness Instructor “Charity Lynette”

Hello Everyone, A healthy heart is a very important factor in living a long life.  Understanding how movement can change your life and reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, is an integral part of daily life.  I really wanted to put together a guide to help everyone with beginning your running or walking experience. It is important to know even if you are not actually running, the same concepts will apply if you are power walking. So I will always be referring to both and point out the difference if needed. You still need proper footwear, apparel, etc. I really want to share with you some things that will help you get started with your journey.


If you are new to working out and running you may need to speak to a physician because, as much as you want to do certain exercises you may not be able to. You need to make sure you are cleared to participate in certain workouts. Especially, if you are over 40 and not used to working out or more than 20 lbs over weight.



Every great workout and new routine begins with the proper shoes. If you are not sure if the shoe you are in is good for you, then try your best to get to the closest Running Store. Even if you think you have the proper shoe it never hurts to make sure! Jack Rabbit is a great place to go because they do a gait analysis (watching you run) and record it so that you can see exactly what is going on with your feet. From that footage they can recommend the best shoe for you. Jack Rabbit is a great resource in general because majority of the staff are runners and get taught the technical breakdown of most shoes as well as running nutrition, apparel, and recovery options. Just remember don’t let someone recommend a shoe to you without watching and recording you running or walking.



You might think that you can just wear whatever while you run/workout but the truth is dri-fit is best. When cotton gets wet it stays wet and while you are running you don’t need clothing weighing you down. Same thing goes for socks, cotton socks can give you blisters while running you want synthetic socks that wick dry so your feet stay dry. Running socks also don’t lose their shape so they won’t slide down into your shoe the way cotton socks do when they get over stretched. I honestly thought some of running stuff was a bunch of hoopla until I tried it out myself. I literally cannot run in anything other than dri-fit clothing. Don’t believe me? do a test run in different material and see how it feels. Also be aware of temperature especially when working out in the winter. Keeping a running journal is helpful in the beginning. Keeping track of temperature and what you were wearing especially in the winter will come in handy when trying to figure out how many layers you need for what temperature.



Now that you are correctly fitted lets talk about actually running. Scheduling runs is going to be key to holding your self accountable. Now if you want to start running to add something different to your workout routine then how long you run won’t be as important. If you are not thinking about entering races then just run when you can but if you are going to enter a race of 10k which is 6.2 miles then you may want to think about a more strict running schedule. My piece of advice for scheduling runs is to try and carve out 3 days of 30 minutes to dedicate to running whether it is morning or evenings. I can testify to preferring morning runs. I personally can’t run with too much food in my system so in the morning I have much better results and no cramping. Try to be a little more realistic when starting any new exercise regime. Going from no days a week to 5 days a week is most likely not going to happen. Take your time and ease into it. As you progress in your running/walking cross training is going to be something that is essential to running. Cycling, weights, and even yoga are great components that you can add to the routine. Recovery is extremely important and you need to have adequate rest days. Foam rolling, stretching, and off days need to be incorporated in the routine as well. I have added the Couch to 5k training schedule this is the one I felt the most helpful when I started running. Couch to 5K is a program that help you go from an actual couch to a training schedule that will get you ready to run your first 5k which is 3.1 miles. Another helpful tip is to use your current ability as markers when to walk and jog. For example if you can only run/jog for 45 seconds at a time use that as a marker. So jog for 45 seconds and walk for 45 seconds or longer if you need to, but the key is to alternate from jogging and walking at your level for a period of time. This is also called interval training. When you can jog longer do so. If you are interval training a few days a week for 30 minutes those 45 seconds will lead to a minute, a minute and a half, and so on. Running is about your own progression no one elses. If you are a walker you want to alternate between power walking and a slower walking pace. Soon that power walking will turn into a jog, I promise you just have to keep at it. 



A few key things to remember before you begin, first knowing why you are starting this is something you can reflect back on when you are feeling discouraged. Second, you are your own competition just try to focus on getting better and beating your own time. Third, find a way to keep yourself accountable whether it’s using an app or finding a workout partner. Try considering running/walking as an outlet and something your body needs and wants no matter how sore you may get vs a chore that you hate. Most importantly have fun and listen to your body. There is a difference from being sore and an injury. When knees and ankles are in long term pain or swollen that is something that should be checked out by a physician.

Good Luck with your journey and keep me posted with all your running activities highs and lows by using the hashtags #ccfrunners #curvychicksrun


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Building on her rapidly growing career as a television and film actress and commercial print model multi-talented performer Lauren Quatavia has reached a new level, featuring as one of Negan’s wives on the hit horror-drama AMC TV series The Walking Dead.  Airing every Sunday at 9 PM Eastern time, Lauren will be featured in several episodes of this hugely popular show, based on the award-winning Walking Dead comic book, follows an unlikely band of people struggling to survive a sudden zombie apocalypse.  With its global fan following, the series is sure to take Lauren to soaring career heights.

Lauren’s dynamic “screen presence” and professional experience landed her a guest role on this major series, enhancing her already impressive resume, which includes such television credits as hosting WGo Network’s Whatz Going On TV (where she interviewed R & B megastar Ginuwine), and taking the stage at the VH1 Hip Hop Awards, as a presenter.  In addition, Lauren’s diverse portfolio showcases her work with CubeVision Films, where she appeared in Fist Fight, and a plethora of music videos, among them leading roles in Cashflow’s Hey, Lover, Streetkings’ Customer, and a feature in DJ Webstar’s Party Girl.  As a model, Lauren, whose career began a dozen years ago, shone brightly as a Brand Rep for Hershey Foods and Hardbody TV, and doing top-level gigs with Ecstasy Models.


A native Long Islander, Lauren now resides in Georgia, where she continues to develop her gifts, which extend behind the lights and cameras, as well as in front of them.  She’s worked on the creation of various magazines, and assisted casting and music video directors with their projects. Notably, Lauren recently completed a Code Red Tour with signature girl band XSO, for R & B superstar Monica, featuring Rico Love, which played to packed venues around the country.  Complementing her Walking Dead role, Lauren recently also filmed a commercial for the iconic culinary Food Network channel.  As an accomplished, young, rising star, we’re sure to see more and greater roles for Lauren Peacock in the near future!  
IG: @youluvlauren                      
Snapchat: youluvlaurenq                      
Facebook: laurenquatavia


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As the 2016 holiday season draws near, celebrity fitness trainer Charity Lynette has a groundbreaking, new online TV series cooking–looking at What’s In Your Basket?, and teaching people how to live healthier, happier lives. Charity, a plus-size model and fitness instructor, has been featured on such diverse media outlets as Centric TV, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, Full Blossom Magazine (FBM), and the NY Daily News. As CEO of Curvy Chick Fitness, Charity’s work with hospitals, health fairs, and celebrity clients brings the gift of improved health and better living to thousands of people from coast to coast. “My journey has been a long road to get to where I am comfortable with my body and health,” Charity says, and with this latest venture, she’s ready to do the same for countless others. What’s In Your Basket? takes place in real life, with Charity doing “woman in the street” interviews with people to find out what is in their “Life’s Basket” that’s causing them to be unhealthy. Whatever those items are–stress, poor eating habits, poverty–Charity devises a plan to help people make healthy choices and address those issues!

Beginning with a fabulous premiere, there will be two episodes a month on YouTube, with the ultimate goal of moving to network television, What’s In Your Basket showcases Charity’s unique approach to fitness, incorporating dance, one-on-one workouts, and comprehensive meal prep tutelage, and expands her concepts to other areas of life activity. On the show, Charity teaches us how to shop for a meal, make your favorite holiday dishes healthier, how to blend holiday food into your weekly meal prep, the way to do a detox and make delicious, healing smoothies, homemade versions of prepackaged, processed foods, and much, much more! As a woman whose own struggles with weight loss–she successfully shed 110 pounds after the death of her mother from heart disease prompted Charity to take her life in a completely new direction. “I wanted to teach women and give them the tools to get to a healthier version of themselves,” Charity states, “Going through my own 110-pound weight loss journey has prepared me to work with women not only physically but mentally as well.”

Follow: IG: @curvychickfitnessofficial  Twitter: @curvychickfit    Facebook: CurvyChickFitness

Discover more about Charity’s work at her website

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Chart busting artist extraordinaire Soccradz Da Don is preparing to rock the 2016 Holiday Season with the eagerly awaited release of his latest single, Work It, featuring legendary hip hop recording artist, producer, and fashion designer Swizz Beatz. In anticipation for the release Soccradz Da Don and his team OneDay Entertainment headed to Los Angeles to shoot with Top Getty/Wire photographer Michael Bezjian #TheSAP, in an opulent Los Angeles mini-mansion.  The two worked together and captured three looks, which are currently featured on the Getty Images site.  While in Los Angeles Soccradz also joined WE tv’s Growing Up Hip Hop star Briana Latrise Kamara, to shoot with entertainment photographer Cibola Henderson.
This Yenom Records single, scheduled for release the first week of December 2016, will enjoy widespread radio and video airplay, and signals the start of a multi-city promotional tour for Soccradz Da Don.  Building on his earlier hit album, The Soccrafice which featured the Legendary Hook master Kokane,  Soccradz is ready for the next stage of his meteoric career.  Working with Swizz Beatz, whose accomplishments earned him an honored place among’s Top 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Producers, has taken Soccradz to a whole new level of artistic inspiration.  Work It is the product of that collaborative effort.

As the CEO and marquee artist of the indie label Yenom Records, which began showcasing Soccradz’ music during 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona, this multi-talented creative spirit has gained a nationwide following for songs which make a deep, thoughtful commentary on the harsh realities of life.  Always moving forward, Soccradz Da Don is reaching new audiences, and bringing a sharp, fresh, unforgettable style to the industry.  Soccradz is also an accomplished R & B composer, producer, and innovator, who overcame a past prison term to take his life in an uplifting, positive direction.  In addition to Swizz Beatz, Soccradz has worked with such other top artists as Grammy nominee Jaywan, Hip Hop Legend Scarface, West Coast Legendary Kokane, and Flipmode Squad’s Rampage.  

You can follow Soccradz Da Don on Twitter @darealSoccradz, on Facebook at, and Instagram @soccradz
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Former Day 26 Member Big Mike: R&B Groups Have No Chance of Getting Signed.


Do you remember Making The Band on MTV, then you have to remember one of the best talents that was seen on the show R&B soul “Big Mike”! He’s one of the cast members of P.Diddy’s hugely successful MTV reality show, Making the Band and he just released his debut single “Lay Around” featuring III. Although Big Mike has a crazy promotional schedule, he took some time to answer a few questions about how his life has changed since finishing the show, joining the group Day 26 and now pushing his solo career.

EJ: So Big Mike tell me a little about your new single, Lay Around.

Big Mike: Lay Around is just a sexy club/lounge type of record made to let her know that no one can do her like you do in every way! I mean you can jam to it with your significant other wherever or pregame before going out with your girls. Its just a dope record that people are definitely starting to gravitate towards.

EJ: What is your goal for this project?

Big Mike: My goal for this single is to get in playing in as many different markets as I can. I want people to hear it understand it and love it and those that were not a fan maybe because they didn’t know about will become fans and those that already are will fall in love all over again.

EJ: Are you working on any collaborations at the time?

Big Mike: Right now yes I have a few collabs in the works on a future project but you will have to wait and see.

EJ: Would you say your music has a certain style or are you versatile with your sounds?

Big Mike: I’m very versatile with my sound. In fact that’s one of the reasons that I’m still independent cause I have so much to offer and I don’t want to be pushed or stuck into one sound.

EJ: Alot of people say R&B is dead, do you thing there is still a place for good old R&B?

Big Mike: Of course there’s a place for good or real R&B your listening to it right with “Lay Around” so go get it on iTunes! R&B is still out there its just a little different vibe though but it had to change though cause people change. Most people associate good R&B to a memory of a time in there life that a song catered to something that was happening in their lives or was going through, or it just reminds them of their youth but its good R&B out here still you just have to know those artists that will give that sound.

EJ: Are record labels still investing in R&B groups?

Big Mike: It depends on how they come to the table. Day26 yes, mainly because we’re a brand already with a huge fan base. So its easier when you already have certain things but if they have to take the group and build it from the ground up no it will never happen its too expense and they don’t know if your actually going to sell cause you have to win people over so its an investment that a label will not make unless they are 100 percent sure that your going to be able to turn a profit or make money for them.


EJ: How do you become a successful artist doing it independently?

Big Mike: You become successful independently by the goals you set for yourself. To be honest success is really depending on how the individual or artist classifies it in their lives. When your independent your an entrepreneur. So your basically grinding all day and night sacrificing everything for this one dream that you have.  You also want to be on the road.  You want the people to know who you are.  You want them to buy your music and play it, but it all goes into the little things you do to build a fan base.  What do you do to make your fans feel special? To assure them that they are apart of your journey.  You do it because of them and when you really master that and can grab those fans like that, then that’s what I call success.   You’re only as big as the people that buy and listen to your music make you.

EJ: Do you look for young producers to work with or mostly industry producers?

Big Mike: I have an open ear to all producers I take inquires from everyone. doesn’t always work out but I still try and give an opportunity whenever I can.

EJ: What can fans expect when they come to one of your shows?

Big Mike: When you come to a Big Mike show you get an experience of a lifetime! I’m gonna take you on a emotional ride.   I want to party with you I want to make you cry.   I’ll give you hope.   I’ll show what it means and how it feels to be loved, but most of all I’ll never cheat you.   I’ll always leave everything I got on that stage cause you took the time to come see me and listen to me and for that,  I’m forever grateful.

EJ: What does Big Mike do when he isn’t doing music related stuff?

Big Mike: Everything is music related for me. That’s why its my purpose to entertain people through music, dance and acting. No matter what I do I always find myself doing music I’m always singing and humming. I’ll stop a full out conversation to record a melody in my phone so that I won’t forget it so I can write a song as soon as were done if I can wait. So it never stops for me. Music is life!

EJ: You went through a amazing weight loss some years back, is it hard keeping the weight off or is it a lifestyle now?

Big Mike: Well I cant lie at times it was, because I changed sizes a lot and mainly because of the things I was putting into my body. The wrong food choices kept me from wanting to work out properly.  Now it has become a lifestyle change, that made things better and easier cause there’s so many things that myself being an African American male should not eat that America has made ok for everyone. So it’s primarily a lifestyle change,

EJ: What’s next for you?

Big Mike: I plan on giving my heart and soul to this music and I hope each one of you appreciate it and love the message and sound. I also plan to do as much as I can for the youth of tomorrow.  There’s so many things that they can get into now that I had no idea about and I just want every child to have the knowledge to go far in whatever they want to do. I also plan on opening up a school soon. Something like an entertainment center for youth just to get a head start before they hit the real world and they will already have job references. There’s way more that I’m doing now and plan on doing so I have no limits to what will come next.

EJ: Where can fans and our readers follow you on social media?

Big Mike: 
       Instagram: _iambigmike
       Facebook: I Am Big Mike
       Twitter: Mike_day26
       Snapchat: iambigmik3
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Girlfriends Star “Reginald Hayes” opens up about dealing with his recent Cyber bullying experience

Reginald Hayes

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Television Actor Mr. Reginald C. Hayes who was recently a victim of Adult Cyber Bullying. Mr. Hayes talks with us about how he handled the bullying and his thoughts on men also being included in the “Size Acceptance” campaigns.

Mr. Hayes was born in Chicago, Illinois were he subsequently studied theater at Illinois State University and attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Theater. As a young actor in Chicago, he was a member of the Illinois Shakespeare Festival.

Hayes has been featured in films such as Charlie’s Angels and Being John Malkovich. However, his most popular role was as attorney William Dent on the long-running UPN/CW show, Girlfriends. The role earned him three NAACP Image Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Hayes also guest starred on Will and Grace as a doctor. Hayes has appeared in the remake of The Twilight Zone (hosted by Forest Whitaker), in the episode “The Eye of the Beholder”, as a doctor.

EJ: Hello Mr. Hayes, thank you for taking the time to interview with us. I would like to start right off with the cyber bullying situation you recently went through. The Plus Model Community has been very vocal the past few years about “Size Acceptance”. When you hear the words “Size Acceptance”, do you think it includes Males as well?

Reginald Hayes: It should, Men are people too. It certainly hurt as much as it would have hurt any one else.

EJ: You was voted People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive in 2007, is that a crown that you feel you still hold and represent well?

Reginald Hayes: I think I’m cute, I’m not that sexy anymore. It was a great honor though, one I thought I would never get.

EJ: You recently experienced cyber bullying; but I really admire how you handled it. How do you get through something like that, and what would you tell others who are being bullied?

Reginald Hayes: Well, I figured the people that were bullying just wanted to upset me so the last thing I wanted to do was let them hurt me. I would be a liar if I said it didn’t hurt but it was the outpouring of love from true fans that made it easier to deal with. I got 3 times as much love as the bullying.

EJ: Ok lets move on to your extensive career in entertainment. Growing up in Chicago were there alot of acting opportunities?

Reginald Hayes: I didn’t start acting in Chicago until after college. I did do a lot of theater in Chicago and a lot of Improv. There are a lot of opportunities out there, but you must work hard. I do miss Chicago and all my wonderful friends there.

EJ: What would you say was the moment you knew you would dedicate your life to an acting career?

Reginald Hayes: I studied acting in high school also and I’ve always been a clown. I had a wonderful teacher, Barbara Patterson, who told me that if I wanted to be an actor I should give myself the greatest chance and study theater in college. I enjoy it so much I knew there was nothing else for me and as of today it’s all I’ve ever done.

EJ: The show “Girlfriends” was a huge hit. How was it working with an all female cast?

Reginald Hayes: It felt natural. I have two older sisters, so I was used to the dynamic. It was easier for me. Most of my friends are women, even today. Believe me, it’s better to be the only man.

EJ: Do you still stay intouch with your former co-stars?

Reginald Hayes: No, sadly, our careers keep us busy. Jill Marie Jones is working in New Zealand. Persia White lives in Great Britain. I did, however, see Golden Brooks at the dentist not to long ago. Hopefully, we’ll be working together soon.

EJ: I see you recently shot a role as a judge, are you still doing television now or are you doing more film?

Reginald Hayes: Mostly TV. 70% of the work is on TV. However, I would love to get a movie going, if I could.

EJ: You are also into directing. Is that a passion, your next level or something you dabble in?

Reginald Hayes: That is very new and so much harder than acting. But I have few scripts I’m working on. Sometimes, you have to make things happen for yourself.

EJ: For new actors would you say that showing up and being an extra on set helps build a resume or is there a better way to pursue an acting career?

Reginald Hayes: Studying always helped me. Get into a good acting class in your town and have fun. Stay focused. Extra work can be fun too, being around people in the business can lead to other things.

Well thank you again and we at The Official AO appreciate you speaking with us. See you on our screen…

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Briana L. Isaacs daughter of Record Industry Executive, Kendu Isaacs, & step-daughter of Mary J. Blige Speaks on Breakup



EJ:  You are somewhat of a quintuple phenomenon in this business. Mixed Media Artist, Entrepreneur, Photographer and newest cast member of WE Tv’s, “Growing Up Hip Hop”, where do you find the time to get it all in?

Briana L. Isaacs: I’ve always been a busy body. When you’re busy with things you enjoy, it doesn’t feel like anything other than enjoying the life you life, you know? I’m also ridiculously good at multitasking.

EJ: Being the daughter of Record Industry Executive, Kendu Isaacs, and step-daughter of Mary J. Blige, is it hard to live up to the expectations the industry must have for you?

Briana L. Isaacs: Absolutely. I never really know what it is that people expect of me before they interact with me, but I always get a surprised reaction. It used to really bother me that I wasn’t receiving the support I felt I should from my father with my own endeavors but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and hopefully smarter.

EJ: Your dad and step mom is really heavy in media right now, do you think that the media is blowing it up and treating your family unfairly?

Briana L. Isaacs: Maybe this is some grand life lesson from the Universe… for the both of them. I think that it’s interesting to me how people talk about my father like he never did anything lol. Like he’s begging for money out of nowhere. They were together for 17 years, he managed her career, I don’t understand why everyone is acting like he’s not entitled to normal alimony or maintenance. Lol. Seriously. I don’t know. I think people are weird. I never understood society.

EJ: What is the one thing you want everybody to know about your family that they should be reporting on?

Briana L. Isaacs: I think everyone should be reporting on things that matter: that plastic pit in the ocean, the alarming rate of children with cancers, air and water pollution. Or even better: report on how to fix these problems. But again, I never understood society.

EJ: So tell us about the process, how did you first hear that you would be on the show, and what was your response?

Briana L. Isaacs: Honestly, a good friend of mine called me one day and asked me to interview. I had previously turned down several offers from various realities shows, because that was never something I cared to do. As I favor to my friend I agreed to go on the interview and while there, they sold me a dream. I was actually supposed to be on a different show, don’t know how much I can say about it as it’s still in the works, but I felt comfortable with the producers so I agreed. While filming though, my whole world kinda fell apart, piece by piece so it probably makes for good entertainment. We shall see, I guess.

Are you used to the cameras following you yet and how does it feel being the star that you set out to be?

Briana L. Isaacs: I actually never set out to be a star! I just wanted passive income. I don’t ever want work to feel like work. I’m getting used to the cameras but it’s not easy. I was completely uncomfortable the whole time and it probably shows in many of the scenes.

EJ: You are an amazing artist! How did that talent develop and what do you see for the future with your work?

Briana L. Isaacs:
I’ve been creating since I could talk. It’s just who I am. I don’t know what the future holds and I don’t like to pretend to, but I can guarantee that I will not stop creating. To stop that would be to stop living.

EJ: Like many teens you experimented with drugs and alcohol and it had a real affect on your life, can you share some of that with us?

Briana L. Isaacs: I wouldn’t call it experimenting so much as jumping off the deep end lol. I was in a lot of pain, like my whole life, and I never really learned how to process what I feel. One day I found something that temporarily made it go away and I just got lost for a while. Very lost. I will say that I’m thankful for it. I got lucky, I still have all my teeth and most of my hair. Looking at me you can’t even tell and of all my cronies from those days, I’m one of only a few still really living. So I’m grateful. I’d be a waste of a testimony to not strive for success… I have to show my child what it looks like to get through the fire, you know? It’s still a work in progress though.

EJ: What advice would you give other teens that could give them some direction to replace substance abuse?

Briana L. Isaacs: I’d tell them to find an outlet. Art, poetry, music, sports, education. Focus your energy on productive things. Invest that energy into yourself and it will greatly pay off in the near future. Not everyone gets a second chance, and you don’t want to be one of the many who don’t. Art saves me. Every day.

EJ: You have your own brand called “Truthful Teas”, please tell us about that?

Briana L. Isaacs: Truthful Teas is a line of herbal, organic teas that I personally blend and sell. About a year ago I added bath and body products, and massage candles to the line up and since then we’ve also recently added snack foods and such. I’m currently rebranding as I’ve acquired a new partner and I think we could use a restart.

EJ: So whats next for you?

Briana L. Isaacs: I’m currently working on a few projects: some apparel, maybe a book, we’ll see what I’d like to drop first. I’m just taking the paths of least resistance. Working on not stressing so much so I can live happier, longer.

EJ: How can the fans and readers find you on social media?

Briana L. Isaacs: Twitter: @tuesdaysheart    IG: @tuesdaysheart

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