What About Us: Missing DC Girls

This article may step on a few toes, but this needs to be said… apparently everyone isn’t seeing the bigger picture in this situation. These girls are someones: daughter, sister, cousin and is MISSING as we speak. Why is this not getting the media attention that it deserves? Every time something like this happens they tend to sweep it under the rug and try to forget it, but this time they can’t do that. This needs to be brought to everyone’s attention, because mother’s can’t keep passing out flyers to find their child. A flyer can only do so much and reach so far without proper media, but in this case most of the media are turning down the story for some odd reason. Now lets say these were white girls I`m pretty sure there would be amber alerts in every state and all over the news interrupting our favorite shows just to inform us. I’m not trying to pull the race card, but let’s be honest this happens all the time.

A few celebrities have spoken out about this situation such as Chaka Khan, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Taraji P. Henson, but we need more of them to speak up about it. We should also call up a community meeting or start a Facebook page about it and go to your local news station and spread the word. These girls matter whether we know it or not and each girl meant something to someone. Imagine, your child is missing and being held hostage at an unknown location. See this from the parents  perspective and tell me how you’d feel ?  We need to get it together and fast! Every minute were not looking for them these girls are being taken somewhere else and farther away. So lets get to work and help find our girls.

Currently, 15-year-old Jacqueline Lassey, 13-year-old Yahshaiyah Enoch, 15-year-old Antwan Jordan, 15-year-old Juliana Otero, 15-year-old Dashann Trikia Wallace, 13-year-old Aniya McNeil, 15-year-old Dayanna White, 16-year-old Talisha Coles, and 15-year-old Morgan Richardson are all still missing.

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Former Day 26 Member Big Mike: R&B Groups Have No Chance of Getting Signed.


Do you remember Making The Band on MTV, then you have to remember one of the best talents that was seen on the show R&B soul “Big Mike”! He’s one of the cast members of P.Diddy’s hugely successful MTV reality show, Making the Band and he just released his debut single “Lay Around” featuring III. Although Big Mike has a crazy promotional schedule, he took some time to answer a few questions about how his life has changed since finishing the show, joining the group Day 26 and now pushing his solo career.

EJ: So Big Mike tell me a little about your new single, Lay Around.

Big Mike: Lay Around is just a sexy club/lounge type of record made to let her know that no one can do her like you do in every way! I mean you can jam to it with your significant other wherever or pregame before going out with your girls. Its just a dope record that people are definitely starting to gravitate towards.

EJ: What is your goal for this project?

Big Mike: My goal for this single is to get in playing in as many different markets as I can. I want people to hear it understand it and love it and those that were not a fan maybe because they didn’t know about will become fans and those that already are will fall in love all over again.

EJ: Are you working on any collaborations at the time?

Big Mike: Right now yes I have a few collabs in the works on a future project but you will have to wait and see.

EJ: Would you say your music has a certain style or are you versatile with your sounds?

Big Mike: I’m very versatile with my sound. In fact that’s one of the reasons that I’m still independent cause I have so much to offer and I don’t want to be pushed or stuck into one sound.

EJ: Alot of people say R&B is dead, do you thing there is still a place for good old R&B?

Big Mike: Of course there’s a place for good or real R&B your listening to it right with “Lay Around” so go get it on iTunes! R&B is still out there its just a little different vibe though but it had to change though cause people change. Most people associate good R&B to a memory of a time in there life that a song catered to something that was happening in their lives or was going through, or it just reminds them of their youth but its good R&B out here still you just have to know those artists that will give that sound.

EJ: Are record labels still investing in R&B groups?

Big Mike: It depends on how they come to the table. Day26 yes, mainly because we’re a brand already with a huge fan base. So its easier when you already have certain things but if they have to take the group and build it from the ground up no it will never happen its too expense and they don’t know if your actually going to sell cause you have to win people over so its an investment that a label will not make unless they are 100 percent sure that your going to be able to turn a profit or make money for them.


EJ: How do you become a successful artist doing it independently?

Big Mike: You become successful independently by the goals you set for yourself. To be honest success is really depending on how the individual or artist classifies it in their lives. When your independent your an entrepreneur. So your basically grinding all day and night sacrificing everything for this one dream that you have.  You also want to be on the road.  You want the people to know who you are.  You want them to buy your music and play it, but it all goes into the little things you do to build a fan base.  What do you do to make your fans feel special? To assure them that they are apart of your journey.  You do it because of them and when you really master that and can grab those fans like that, then that’s what I call success.   You’re only as big as the people that buy and listen to your music make you.

EJ: Do you look for young producers to work with or mostly industry producers?

Big Mike: I have an open ear to all producers I take inquires from everyone. doesn’t always work out but I still try and give an opportunity whenever I can.

EJ: What can fans expect when they come to one of your shows?

Big Mike: When you come to a Big Mike show you get an experience of a lifetime! I’m gonna take you on a emotional ride.   I want to party with you I want to make you cry.   I’ll give you hope.   I’ll show what it means and how it feels to be loved, but most of all I’ll never cheat you.   I’ll always leave everything I got on that stage cause you took the time to come see me and listen to me and for that,  I’m forever grateful.

EJ: What does Big Mike do when he isn’t doing music related stuff?

Big Mike: Everything is music related for me. That’s why its my purpose to entertain people through music, dance and acting. No matter what I do I always find myself doing music I’m always singing and humming. I’ll stop a full out conversation to record a melody in my phone so that I won’t forget it so I can write a song as soon as were done if I can wait. So it never stops for me. Music is life!

EJ: You went through a amazing weight loss some years back, is it hard keeping the weight off or is it a lifestyle now?

Big Mike: Well I cant lie at times it was, because I changed sizes a lot and mainly because of the things I was putting into my body. The wrong food choices kept me from wanting to work out properly.  Now it has become a lifestyle change, that made things better and easier cause there’s so many things that myself being an African American male should not eat that America has made ok for everyone. So it’s primarily a lifestyle change,

EJ: What’s next for you?

Big Mike: I plan on giving my heart and soul to this music and I hope each one of you appreciate it and love the message and sound. I also plan to do as much as I can for the youth of tomorrow.  There’s so many things that they can get into now that I had no idea about and I just want every child to have the knowledge to go far in whatever they want to do. I also plan on opening up a school soon. Something like an entertainment center for youth just to get a head start before they hit the real world and they will already have job references. There’s way more that I’m doing now and plan on doing so I have no limits to what will come next.

EJ: Where can fans and our readers follow you on social media?

Big Mike: 
       Instagram: _iambigmike
       Facebook: I Am Big Mike
       Twitter: Mike_day26
       Snapchat: iambigmik3
       Website: www.iambigmike.com  
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