From Prison to Corporate- The Chris Williams Story

Chris Williams served 7 years in prison from 2007-2014 for a burglary crime. Chris was released without any funds or resources, but made a way to live the straight and narrow. He had to do a few odd jobs and then was given the opportunity to give away free government phones to low income families and that is when Chris formed his own company “CEO Executives”.

Chris In The Office Writing for Film

One day Chris impressed a Russian Man with his great work ethic and this man endorsed him $5,000 to start his own marketing company. Chris was so deserving of this break since he had just gotten out of prison and wanted to do things the right way this time around. Chris employed and hired people in the community to work for him that wouldn’t have normally received the opportunity that he gave them.

When I met Chris, I was in fact still homeless at the time couch surfing with a friend. I have only lived in Los Angeles for several of years and still had a lot of living and learning to do here. I did not know who I could trust or talk to when things were really bad for me. Chris was the one who gave me rides when I needed it, the contacts to help me form my own business and Chris was the first person to ever give me my own office in Downtown Los Angeles overlooking the L.A. sky rise.  Chris Williams is such a kind and caring man that would give his last to save another person.

Chris Williams In the Office with The Official AO and Cold Mountain Management of Atlanta, GA

The Criminal that Chris is labeled was nothing like the Chris Williams friend I knew and to hear that he was sent back into the system has been devastating to his community. Chris has employees that depends on him for income and job opportunities to give to their families and friends. Chris is just not your ordinary man. He is a father, hardworking citizen and a caring person. Chris deserves another chance at life and another chance to make his community better. We hope that Chris’s voice is heard fairly and not looked at as just a criminal, because Chris is so much more than his past and still has greatness ahead of him. Chris William’s story is still left unwritten and he needs a chance to right all of his wrongs and create his legacy that he is so capable of doing. Let’s give Chris the chance he deserves.

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Mya Cullins Is A Powerful Force in Business Who Gets the Job Done

Mya Cullins is a Business Woman, A Mother, An Author, A Speaker, A Wife, A Woman of God and A Prominent Community Leader of Greensboro, North Carolina. As a woman of color in business, Mya represents what every strong ambitious woman deserves in life. Mya Cullins has written her first book “Behind The Veil” that will be on the big screen very soon and speaks to her community about Ambition, Women Empowerment and Entrepreneurship.

A Little about Changing Phases Inc:

Changing Phases Behavioral Support, Inc. (CPBS) is a professional organization that is known for providing Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services since February 2006. Changing Phases has experience in providing everything from Residential Treatment , Substance Abuse Groups, Individual Counseling and Assessments in North Carolina. Changing Phases also currently provides Community Based services in the Greater Atlanta Area. Changing Phases recently decided to incorporate outpatient opioid treatment services as another measure to successfully address ongoing opiate dependence. Changing Phases takes great pride in maintaining the values, mission, and direction of the organization. Changing Phases always provides a comprehensive treatment experience resulting in a desire for the best outcome possible for all persons served.

There were only 5 clients before the true success and moving to North Carolina proved more success to Mya and Quinten Cullins where they could best serve their community as the services were desperately needed. Mya is currently pursuing a Doctoral degree in Human Services and is very strategic in balancing her personal life and career so that neither will spill into the other.


The Official AO recently Interviewed Mya Cullins, the Co-founder of Changing Phases Inc.  As a family woman, Mya wants the best outcome for not only her family, but also her community.

The Official AO: What Inspired you to Write “Behind The Veil”?

MC: I was inspired by my family and marriage. The book is based only on real life experiences.

The Official AO: In your Opinion, What are the 3 keys to success?

MC: Have a vision, Fulfill vision, and Never give up.

The Official AO: What Can We Expect Next?

MC: My book, “Behind the Veil” to be on the big screen and Major Network offers for our own Reality Television show.

The Official AO: Why do you love serving your community so much?

MC: I enjoy giving back and making a difference in the lives of others that are in need. Giving back in something that was inspired by the acts of my great grandparents, grandmother..etc. This is what led me to start my own non-profit organization Sarah Jettie Community development Corp @

Mya Cullins is an inspiration to the ones who feels like there is no way out especially in mental health where leadership is greatly needed in all of our communities. We are deeply appreciative of such the leader you are to your community in North Carolina and communities world-wide. All of the compassion that you give to the youth and families, you are a perfect example of how we all should serve our people.

To stay updated with everything Mya Cullins is doing for her community and a chance to purchase her book “Behind The Veil” please check out her website below.

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What About Us: Missing DC Girls

This article may step on a few toes, but this needs to be said… apparently everyone isn’t seeing the bigger picture in this situation. These girls are someones: daughter, sister, cousin and is MISSING as we speak. Why is this not getting the media attention that it deserves? Every time something like this happens they tend to sweep it under the rug and try to forget it, but this time they can’t do that. This needs to be brought to everyone’s attention, because mother’s can’t keep passing out flyers to find their child. A flyer can only do so much and reach so far without proper media, but in this case most of the media are turning down the story for some odd reason. Now lets say these were white girls I`m pretty sure there would be amber alerts in every state and all over the news interrupting our favorite shows just to inform us. I’m not trying to pull the race card, but let’s be honest this happens all the time.

A few celebrities have spoken out about this situation such as Chaka Khan, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Taraji P. Henson, but we need more of them to speak up about it. We should also call up a community meeting or start a Facebook page about it and go to your local news station and spread the word. These girls matter whether we know it or not and each girl meant something to someone. Imagine, your child is missing and being held hostage at an unknown location. See this from the parents  perspective and tell me how you’d feel ?  We need to get it together and fast! Every minute were not looking for them these girls are being taken somewhere else and farther away. So lets get to work and help find our girls.

Currently, 15-year-old Jacqueline Lassey, 13-year-old Yahshaiyah Enoch, 15-year-old Antwan Jordan, 15-year-old Juliana Otero, 15-year-old Dashann Trikia Wallace, 13-year-old Aniya McNeil, 15-year-old Dayanna White, 16-year-old Talisha Coles, and 15-year-old Morgan Richardson are all still missing.

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Hip Hop artist Mz. Nicky accuses T.I.’s Camp of Cheating her out of $70,000

Recently we were contacted by Hip Hop Artist Mz. Nicky’s team, who stated that she had a horrible experience with member of the Hustle Gang label.  She alleged that she paid to do a song with Shad Da God, Banditgang Marco, Young Dro, Young Thug & T.I., but never received the Masters or the Video she was promised.  Read more into the interview as she explains in her own words, what really went down.

Hello Mz. Nicky. Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. Let’s jump right in.

You have a hard working track record, how long have you been in the industry?
I’ve been in this industry since 2009, I did music with Mia X of No Limit, Young Bleed of No Limit, and Shawna of DTP.

You have worked with some major figures in this business, what was the motivation to go that direction?
Motivation is always having a strong networking relationship with others that will help elevate me to the next level of making wise business decisions. I believe that will raise me to a higher platform of respect and a recognition as a female MC.

The industry has given a lot of artist ups and down. You recently went through a situation with some major artist, can you explain the situation?
Yes, the industry is shady and cut throat in my situation. I paid for major multiple features on my new single titled “Add little purple.” I did my part of business and never received my masters or the video that corresponds with my song. I’ve gotten the run around no calls back or emails. So this forced me to go public.

Seems like that situation dragged out a bit. Please tell us what was the final moment you felt it wasn’t going to work out?
When someone for the hustle gang was acting as if they were a part of T.I.’s management and the team apologized to me that they had been busy and wanted to assure me that I would be flown down and they would pay for hotel and arrange for us to shoot a group scene to add to my video. We signed paperwork to clear everything so I could move to start making money and promoting. However, I got hustled out of extra money and they never sent my session files.

At this point what are you hoping will happen to resolve it?
I am hoping to receive all my session files and the full video along with the group scene. I know that now I’ve decided to move forward and go public, they will view me differently. So being compensated and to receive a sincere apologize would right the wrongs and make us all money to continue to feed all our families.


What’s your next move as an artist?
My next move is to take my story public and inform others how independent artist are being treated and what we go through. To continue to make great music that everyone can relate, listen to, vibe to, and share similarities with.

What did you learn that you would advice others to be aware of?
I would to advise others to seek a lawyer before any money is handled to any artist. Always do your research on people , so many of them are running successful scams on others.

Would you ever work with another top artist again?
I would work with anyone who makes great music. If someone wants to work with me, I’m always open to work when it comes to music and money.

How can people find you on social media?
Mz. Nicky (@MzNicky513) | Twitter
Mz. Nicky (@mznicky513) • Instagram photos and videos
For Business: contact Tangi Davis:


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Feeding A Monster, A Memoir by Veronica Loving Book Signing Release Party

The new Memoir “Feeding A Monster” is a riveting story of a mother and daughter’s journey through a family tragedy, and their triumphant return to love. A genius blend of comedy, tragedy and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.Author Veronica Loving celebrated the release of her new Memoir with a book signing held at The Study on December 8, 2016 in Los Angeles with a host of celebrity support. Celebrities in attendance included Ciera Payton(CBS NCIS), Dasha Chadwick (Tyler Perry’s The Have and The Have Nots Season 2), Anthony Pazos (WE TV’s “L.A. Hair”), Alyssia Joy Powell (NBC’s The Mysteries Of Laura), Ali Levine (Celebrity Stylist), Rob McBass (Producer),Jazzmine Jackson (Artist), Carmi Greene (Actress), and many others.


Author Veronica Loving was inspired to write her first book, a Memoir entitled “Feeding A Monster,” when tragedy struck her family and destroyed her 20-year marriage damaging the lives of her and her children. Veronica is now a motivational speaker and advocate for Sexual Assault and Abuse victims. Her work in this field has led her to start a non-profit organization called “Loving You Through It,” where she helps victims of Sexual Assault, Molestation and Domestic Violence move through their circumstances and begin to step out of survival and begin to thrive to their highest potential. She also partnered with an organization called “Fatherless Daughter” to become a certified advocate for the organization. Feeding A Monster can now be purchased at and

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Top Reasons Why the Cast of B.E.T Centric’s From the Bottom Up is So Inspirational

The All woman cast Pictured above (Left to Right) consists of Chanita Foster. Stacii Jae, Kimberly Smedley, Christine Beatty, Chrystale Wilson, and Sara Stokes.


These 6 women all hold their own unique struggles for the world to see. Introducing Chanita Foster (Former Football Wives Reality Star) to the mix adds a great flavor to the show. Stacii Jae who dealt with her DUI problems, Kim Smedley who was caught up in her million dollar butt injections business, Christine Beatty for having ethical issues in the court room,  Sara Stokes to dealing with Spousal Domestic abuse and Chrystal Wilson, most known as Ronnie on “The Player Club” who ran into trouble with the law. All of these ladies listed above have dealt with experiencing the bottom, yet staying resilient through it all and the reasons for saying this show is inspirational to all people especially women are listed below.

The Cast with Executive Producer, Nicci Gilbert Wearing the Red Dress

Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Gettys Images The Cast with Executive Producer, Nicci Gilbert (Red Dress)


They all showed us what “The Bottom” could look like.

As an individual and especially a woman whether you are a single parent, a college student or someone who is couch surfing could all relate to the feeling of “I’ve hit rock bottom”. These women hold that same type of reality one way or another. The difference with these women shown above and you is that they’re in front of cameras 24/7 and are being looked at under a microscope. Their stories all tell a unique part of starting from the bottom and I think that you could truly appreciate the essence of what that is.

Their struggles were relatable to the average person’s life struggles

Take Reality Star and R&B singer, Sara Stokes for example. She was at the top of her career when chosen for Diddy’s Making the Band series in the early 2000’s, but then was cut short due to early band dismantlement and spousal domestic abuse. If you haven’t directly been affected by domestic abuse then I’m sure you know someone close to you who has. We all go through our own personal struggles and by watching these women go through theirs on camera and make that journey back to the top of their careers should surely be a huge inspiration to us all. Learn from their mistakes and how they did not give up on the end goal and apply that to your own life.

They didn’t have a lot of money to help them get back to the top.

These women did not have millions saved in the bank that we know of to help launch their careers again. The key to their current uprising I believe was in the POWER of RELATIONSHIPS. They used their surrounding networks and relationship in Executive Producer, Nicci Gilbert who in turn made this show even possible to see on air. This is a prime example of how you can get your story out there to thousands of people without already having tons of money in the bank. Of course their names helped in some cases, but lets be honest they are hungry for their success and they did not let not having a lot of money stop them from accomplishing their dreams.

All of the women used their struggles and pain to create new successful careers for themselves.

Even though the struggle is TOO real and hurts like hell, we all can learn a great deal of lessons in these times. These women swallowed that tough pill, paid their dues and kept it moving. You have to do the same thing when it comes to falling in life. No one said it would be easy and that things will be handed to you. As a woman we have to prove ourselves that much more than our male counterparts to be taken seriously. Use your pain as a ladder to the top, because there is only one you and your story is unique. Use that and run with it all the way to your rightful throne.

Season 2 of “From The Bottom Up” is here and you can catch it on B.E.T Centric Designed for Black Women Saturdays @10pm/9 C!

Watch the Season 2 Trailer below here at The Official AO



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Music Producer Dre Knight Recalls The Time Prince Took Him Under His Wing
Dre Knight

Dre Knight



Who in their lifetime can say that Prince mentored you and was able to work with superstars life K. Michelle and Nicki Minaj? Dre Knight, a very talented man can tell you some of his experiences and also talks about his journey getting to where he is now as a well respected Music Producer in the game today. Read full interview here on TheOfficialAO below.


Tell us a little about what you do in the music industry and about your journey to how you got to where you are today?

I’m a music producer, composer, arranger, musician and the owner of Knightlife Entertainment, which is a production company that houses artists, songwriters and producers. Here, we develop artists and look to mold and shape their careers. My journey to get to this point involved a lot of “right place, right time scenarios, luck, a lot of being prepared, a lot of time mastering the craft and clearly outlining my goals and most importantly trusting my instinct and always stay true to the “dope” and never the hype.

What does it feel like to have produced songs for stars like K. Michelle, Nicki Minaj?

Producing K Michelle and Nicki Minaj was a lot of fun… I think I really enjoyed it because they were at an earlier stage in their careers and it made it a little easier to get to know them a little bit. The music that we made was honest, which means that it came from a very real place and I felt like I was able to capture “musical moments” with them.

I always made sure I had jack Daniels in the studio for K. Michelle and I knew how to really embrace her perspective on songs. It was never gonna be anything politically correct but it was going to be real. She is a real champion and overcame a lot of odds to get to where she is now. I’m really honored to have been a part of her journey. What I remember about my time working with Nicki was that she was an incredible writer and lyricist, really humble, but super determined and hungry to manifest her destiny. Nicki was always grounded… Even today as arguably the biggest female rapper in history, she has kept that intact.

What has been your biggest lesson in your career as you have been climbing up the charts to success?

The most important lesson I learned was that “the table that I wanted to sit at, that I didn’t have to TRY to sit at. All I had to do was grab my chair.” Those were the exact words that Prince gave me during our time together. When he said that to me, it hit home… I was so focused on trying to appease the A&R’s or the tastemaker that dictates which songs get released. To have him offer me mentorship, advice and guidance in such a short time meant the world to me and I never looked back. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself because never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that my most important lesson would come from the man that inspired me the most.

Dre Knight

Dre Knight

Tell us about some of your current projects and music artists you are working with right now?

Currently, my focus is devoted to the artists at Knightlife. Mega Eli, a gifted writer and artist as a whole, has a great future in front of him. I’m excited about his project because it’s out the box. My mother, Robin West, is producing some of the songs on that project and I’m enjoying just watching her work with the artists at the company.

Israela, or “Queen Izzo” (what I call her) is a brilliant vocalist, but all around she’s mesmerizing as an entertainer. Her ability to tell stories through song and dance makes her unique but her dedication to the craft and her work ethic is unparalleled. Other than that, I’m back in the studio with Tish Hyman as she prepares for her second album. Most people that know me, know that Tish is like a sister to me and the music on her new project is really special. Her process is really incredible to watch. She gathers a bunch of us producers together and it’s a collaborative effort. She’s a great producer in her own right… Soon, she will be acknowledged for it.

How has big influences such as Prince, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder influence your style of production in today’s time?

Prince, Smokey and Stevie Wonder are my musical holy trinity. As a child, i wanted to capture the groove of Prince, play keys like Stevie and write like Smokey. As an adult, I’m still chasing that… Lol. I think u can hear some of those influences in my music especially rhythmically. Creating groove and trying to evoke an emotion musically is where I feel I excel and I learned that from them. I’ve been fortunate to know Smokey a little bit and able to have great conversations about his process and I was able to do the same with Prince. Their influence has been HUGE. They gave me something to aspire to be.

Which music artist would you like to work with next and why?

I think if Frank Ocean and I got together to make another song, it would be special. He has his own approach in song making that can turn an ordinary song into true ART. I think he’s the epitome of what an artist is in that regard. I still get a lot of comments on social media about “Acura Integurl”. I can’t help but imagine what would have been if we actually got a chance to create more.

What are some life mottos do you like to live by and how have they enhanced your career in the music industry?

I take most of my life mottos directly from the sports world. One that sticks out is “All it takes, is all u got”. It’s a constant reminder to keep on pushing and working no matter what, and holding yourself accountable for the results you desire. If u give 100% to your craft, eventually your craft will give 100% back to u. Trust the process and find the beauty within it.

Do you have any advice for the up and coming music producers? What are some of the dos and don’t dos while beginning your production career?

My advice for aspiring music producers would be to really understand the psychology of the song. I encourage other creators to take the time to analyze the song to make sure there’s a storyline to follow and that musically, it does everything to bring that story to life. I believe songs should have a beginning, a middle and an end. This isn’t a singing contest or a dance contest… It’s a connect to people contest…people connect to perspectives they identify with. When the music, story, melody and vocal performance are all dynamic, the opportunity to make impact is real. Master the craft, experiment in different genres of music, expand your palette, and unlock your full musical potential. Stay creative, push the envelope and the boundaries of creativity.

As far as do’s or dont’s, it’s difficult to say what a creative should or shouldn’t do because each person has their own path and sometimes what’s wrong for me is right for someone else. I think if you’re reliable, dependable and consistent, you have a shot at being successful but in the end, talent alone doesn’t entitle any of us to success. Understanding the intangibles and the “game within the game” is paramount.

How can your fans follow you on social media?

To keep up w me, follow me on Facebook (Dre knight). Instagram: @Dreknight13  Twitter: @dreknight23

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“Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse” star “COCOA BROWN” discusses the Inspiration Behind her Amazing Weight Loss


I am very happy to be able to talk with Actress/Comedienne COCOA BROWN about her return in the long-running comedy series on the Oprah Winfrey Network, “Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse”.

We also get into COCOA BROWN’s celebration of her weight loss of 50 lbs, through diet and exercise and how the weight loss has affected her as a single mother and woman.

Cocoa Brown, a native of Newport News, Virginia is best known for her starring role as fan favorite “Jennifer” on “Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse” on the Oprah Winfrey Network, juror “Queen B” on FX’s smash hit “American Crime Story: People v. OJ Simpson”, which recently won multiple awards at the 2016 Emmy Awards and the films “Ted 2” and “Single Mom’s Club”.

EJ: Hello Ms. Brown thank you for your time. I would love to start off by congratulating you on your recent weight lose. How did this transformation come about?

COCOA BROWN: Well after I had my son back in 2012 I begin to slowly start the process of getting healthier for him but as well as myself. I was diagnosed with just diabetes in the 3rd trimester and because diabetes runs in my family I knew I had to take some serious precautions to prolong my life. It began slowly with walking drinking lots of water and watching my portions and just basically what I ate. But with the help of meal supplements and vitamins I’ve been able to take this 4 year process and make it part of my lifestyle.

EJ: Would you say that being on TV there is pressure to maintain a certain size?

COCOA BROWN: Luckily for me I came in the business considered a plus size actress so a lot of the roles I got called for just that. But as time progressed and I begin to lose weight I noticed that a lot of those rolls would not be made available to me and I was kind of in a crossroads because I’ll never be a size 2 and according to industry standards even with the weight-loss I’m still considered plus size. So if anything I’ve been told not to lose too much weight which to me is pretty funny

EJ: Is there a personal weight goal or are you just going for healthy living?

COCOA BROWN: I would like to lose about 30 more but basically it is a healthy lifestyle but I’m trying to live and maintain for not only myself but my son.

EJ: You are from Newport News, Virginia is that where your career started?

COCOA BROWN: Well I did my first play when I was 10 years old but I have to say my actual career started in 1996 in Washington DC.


Cocoa Brown With Tyler Perry

EJ: You have had the opportunity to work with two icons in entertainment Mr. Tyler Perry and Ms. Oprah Winfrey, was there ever a moment you felt a little intimated being in the room with them?

COCOA BROWN: I wouldn’t say intimidated but more so starstruck and also just completely in awe of these two iconic people. Something about being on the set with Mr. Perry makes you want to step your game up

EJ: What are you like on set? Are you into pranks, do you crack jokes or are you all business?

COCOA BROWN: Well I pride myself with having the reputation of being professional and easy to work with but overall I’m all about my business and giving the best performance that I can but I will crack a joke or two especially if things get really stressful.

EJ: The new season of “Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse” just started and we are so happy you are back. Should we expect some surprises from your character this season?

COCOA BROWN: I think the biggest surprise is that Jennifer and Richard have become item. 2 characters that couldn’t be any more opposites and they falling for each other and dealing with the opinions of their friends on their union. I so appreciate this story line from Mr. Perry because so many times us thicker sisters get forgotten about on screen when it comes to matters of the heart and right now I believe just from the comments from the fans that this new love in Jennifer’s life is giving a lot of my thick sisters hope.

EJ: If you had to give up one, would it be Acting or Comedy, and why?

COCOA BROWN: I would hate to give up either because both Bring me equal amounts of joy for different reasons but if I had to pick One at this moment it might be comedy because it does take me away from my child a lot and with him getting older Mommy just wants to be more present and involved in his everyday life.

EJ: Congratulations is in order for your Screen Actor’s Guild Award nomination, are there any awards that you wish to one day put in your Trophy Case?

COCOA BROWN: Thank you! But just to be on the ballot was an honor in itself. But who wouldn’t want an Emmy, Oscar or screen actors Guild on the mantle. All artist do this for the love but as a human you want to be acknowledged and rewarded for your hard work

EJ: You recently released your comedy CD “One Funny Momma”, which is currently available on iTunes, tell us about that project?

COCOA BROWN: I was deeply honored Bounce TV reached out to me to shoot my one hour special it was a labor of love and a long time coming. What I am most proud about is that I am the kind of comic that can do any kind of material but I was able to let the world see me do clean comedy and shut up the naysayers lol

Thank you for your time and we at The official AO will continue to support your career and accomplishments.

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Former Day 26 Member Big Mike: R&B Groups Have No Chance of Getting Signed.


Do you remember Making The Band on MTV, then you have to remember one of the best talents that was seen on the show R&B soul “Big Mike”! He’s one of the cast members of P.Diddy’s hugely successful MTV reality show, Making the Band and he just released his debut single “Lay Around” featuring III. Although Big Mike has a crazy promotional schedule, he took some time to answer a few questions about how his life has changed since finishing the show, joining the group Day 26 and now pushing his solo career.

EJ: So Big Mike tell me a little about your new single, Lay Around.

Big Mike: Lay Around is just a sexy club/lounge type of record made to let her know that no one can do her like you do in every way! I mean you can jam to it with your significant other wherever or pregame before going out with your girls. Its just a dope record that people are definitely starting to gravitate towards.

EJ: What is your goal for this project?

Big Mike: My goal for this single is to get in playing in as many different markets as I can. I want people to hear it understand it and love it and those that were not a fan maybe because they didn’t know about will become fans and those that already are will fall in love all over again.

EJ: Are you working on any collaborations at the time?

Big Mike: Right now yes I have a few collabs in the works on a future project but you will have to wait and see.

EJ: Would you say your music has a certain style or are you versatile with your sounds?

Big Mike: I’m very versatile with my sound. In fact that’s one of the reasons that I’m still independent cause I have so much to offer and I don’t want to be pushed or stuck into one sound.

EJ: Alot of people say R&B is dead, do you thing there is still a place for good old R&B?

Big Mike: Of course there’s a place for good or real R&B your listening to it right with “Lay Around” so go get it on iTunes! R&B is still out there its just a little different vibe though but it had to change though cause people change. Most people associate good R&B to a memory of a time in there life that a song catered to something that was happening in their lives or was going through, or it just reminds them of their youth but its good R&B out here still you just have to know those artists that will give that sound.

EJ: Are record labels still investing in R&B groups?

Big Mike: It depends on how they come to the table. Day26 yes, mainly because we’re a brand already with a huge fan base. So its easier when you already have certain things but if they have to take the group and build it from the ground up no it will never happen its too expense and they don’t know if your actually going to sell cause you have to win people over so its an investment that a label will not make unless they are 100 percent sure that your going to be able to turn a profit or make money for them.


EJ: How do you become a successful artist doing it independently?

Big Mike: You become successful independently by the goals you set for yourself. To be honest success is really depending on how the individual or artist classifies it in their lives. When your independent your an entrepreneur. So your basically grinding all day and night sacrificing everything for this one dream that you have.  You also want to be on the road.  You want the people to know who you are.  You want them to buy your music and play it, but it all goes into the little things you do to build a fan base.  What do you do to make your fans feel special? To assure them that they are apart of your journey.  You do it because of them and when you really master that and can grab those fans like that, then that’s what I call success.   You’re only as big as the people that buy and listen to your music make you.

EJ: Do you look for young producers to work with or mostly industry producers?

Big Mike: I have an open ear to all producers I take inquires from everyone. doesn’t always work out but I still try and give an opportunity whenever I can.

EJ: What can fans expect when they come to one of your shows?

Big Mike: When you come to a Big Mike show you get an experience of a lifetime! I’m gonna take you on a emotional ride.   I want to party with you I want to make you cry.   I’ll give you hope.   I’ll show what it means and how it feels to be loved, but most of all I’ll never cheat you.   I’ll always leave everything I got on that stage cause you took the time to come see me and listen to me and for that,  I’m forever grateful.

EJ: What does Big Mike do when he isn’t doing music related stuff?

Big Mike: Everything is music related for me. That’s why its my purpose to entertain people through music, dance and acting. No matter what I do I always find myself doing music I’m always singing and humming. I’ll stop a full out conversation to record a melody in my phone so that I won’t forget it so I can write a song as soon as were done if I can wait. So it never stops for me. Music is life!

EJ: You went through a amazing weight loss some years back, is it hard keeping the weight off or is it a lifestyle now?

Big Mike: Well I cant lie at times it was, because I changed sizes a lot and mainly because of the things I was putting into my body. The wrong food choices kept me from wanting to work out properly.  Now it has become a lifestyle change, that made things better and easier cause there’s so many things that myself being an African American male should not eat that America has made ok for everyone. So it’s primarily a lifestyle change,

EJ: What’s next for you?

Big Mike: I plan on giving my heart and soul to this music and I hope each one of you appreciate it and love the message and sound. I also plan to do as much as I can for the youth of tomorrow.  There’s so many things that they can get into now that I had no idea about and I just want every child to have the knowledge to go far in whatever they want to do. I also plan on opening up a school soon. Something like an entertainment center for youth just to get a head start before they hit the real world and they will already have job references. There’s way more that I’m doing now and plan on doing so I have no limits to what will come next.

EJ: Where can fans and our readers follow you on social media?

Big Mike: 
       Instagram: _iambigmike
       Facebook: I Am Big Mike
       Twitter: Mike_day26
       Snapchat: iambigmik3
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M.A.D.E Can Take Care of All Your Clothing Promotional Needs

Everyone Check out the company who is the soley responsible for The Official AO shirts coming soon! Big salute to this business and it’s commitment to keeping their clients happy and making their dreams come to life. Exclusive interview with M.A.D.E below. The Official AO salutes all of the hard work and dedication you guys put in for your community.

M.A.D.E (Music, Art, Design, Etc

M.A.D.E (Music, Art, Design, Exhibit)


What kind of business do you run and how long have you been in business?

I run a custom t-shirt shop / Consignment Art Gallery called M.A.D.E (Music Art Design Exhibit) We have been in business since 2013.

What is your company mission statement and how do you expect to make a difference in your community?

My mission statement is to make my customers happy and satisfied with every custom piece they receive while not being limited to any certain amount to purchase from us, while still receiving best prices possible. For my employees I make them feel like family more than just workers with good advice and positive vibes. I make creating a good enough learning experience that if they wanted to go out & work in this field they will already be trained and ready to go. My Mother is the owner. I just want to make her have the best life ever for always believing in the kid and giving me the opportunity to make my goals & dreams come true. For the community I’m bringing something new to the table with with customization in our t-shirt shop. We also sponsor certain teams or events. With our Consignment Art Gallery we are giving artist opportunity to get paid for their artwork verses just doing it as a hobby.

What has been the most difficult obstacles in keeping up with business and being successful?

The most difficult obstacle would have been just spreading the word & promoting it correctly so more people would be aware of the brand, give positive feedback and reviews. Once they do that the success doesn’t follow far behind.

How do you see your business expanding in the next year and what are some of your long term goals in staying successful?

I see my business expanding with new equipment, also more customers. When I open my Consignment Art Gallery soon it will take my vision to a new level.

Do you plan on franchising and if so what would be your ideal location?

I don’t plan on franchising but anything can happen. If I did my ideal place would be Miami, my cousin is already out there about to do something on the same level so I will help him with advice or anything else need be. My long term goals in being successful would be doing nothing less than thinking outside the box and bringing customers vision to life. Quality over quantity. Once we do that we keep new and repeat customers.

What advice do you have to all future business owners in the world who are just starting out their journey in entrepreneurship?

My advice to future business owners and entrepreneurs would be to know that if YOU believe it can happen you can achieve it with hard work and dedication. Never give up regardless if it’s not happening as soon as YOU want, just know it will take time and YOU have to be focused on YOUR grind.

What kind of products do you sale and how can people buy from you?

We sell everything from custom made apparel to artwork that we sell for people on Consignment. We ship around the world. My goal is to be a one stop shop for all promo needs.

how can people find your business online and work with you?

We can be found online at:

Facebook Click Here

Instagram Click Here

Twitter Click Here

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