‘The Walking Dead’ is under fire for whitewashing iconic ‘Moonlight’ poster



Actress/Model Lauren Quatavia, featured as one of Negan’s wives on the hit horror-drama AMC TV series The Walking Dead, states that she doesn’t believe the show had racist intentions when putting out the poster.  To me it was paying respect to Moonlights accomplishments.
I’ve been on the set for days and I was treated with the utmost respect by my cast members and even the producers.  Although I am the only African American out of seven of Negan’s wives and a featured actress on the show, they have really included me in show activities including the Wrap Party and some really fun events.  
I look forward to continuing to work with the amazing cast and ask that all the fans of the show continue to support us.

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The Roxanne Wars is a well-known series of hip hop rivalries during the mid-1980s, yielding perhaps the most answer records in history.  One of the better battles was the one between Roxanne Shante & Sparky D called  “Sparky’s Turn” (Roxanne, You’re Through).

Well now it seems Sparky is ready for another battle.  She has once again jumped into a battle that is pretty intense right now.  Check out the Diss track against @NICKIMINAJ AND @REMYMA exclusively on

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Curvy Chick Fitness Guide to Running. Your Heart Will Thank You Later.

Curvy Chick Fitness Guide to Running. Your Heart Will Thank You Later.
by Celebrity Fitness Instructor “Charity Lynette”

Hello Everyone, A healthy heart is a very important factor in living a long life.  Understanding how movement can change your life and reduce the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, is an integral part of daily life.  I really wanted to put together a guide to help everyone with beginning your running or walking experience. It is important to know even if you are not actually running, the same concepts will apply if you are power walking. So I will always be referring to both and point out the difference if needed. You still need proper footwear, apparel, etc. I really want to share with you some things that will help you get started with your journey.


If you are new to working out and running you may need to speak to a physician because, as much as you want to do certain exercises you may not be able to. You need to make sure you are cleared to participate in certain workouts. Especially, if you are over 40 and not used to working out or more than 20 lbs over weight.



Every great workout and new routine begins with the proper shoes. If you are not sure if the shoe you are in is good for you, then try your best to get to the closest Running Store. Even if you think you have the proper shoe it never hurts to make sure! Jack Rabbit is a great place to go because they do a gait analysis (watching you run) and record it so that you can see exactly what is going on with your feet. From that footage they can recommend the best shoe for you. Jack Rabbit is a great resource in general because majority of the staff are runners and get taught the technical breakdown of most shoes as well as running nutrition, apparel, and recovery options. Just remember don’t let someone recommend a shoe to you without watching and recording you running or walking.



You might think that you can just wear whatever while you run/workout but the truth is dri-fit is best. When cotton gets wet it stays wet and while you are running you don’t need clothing weighing you down. Same thing goes for socks, cotton socks can give you blisters while running you want synthetic socks that wick dry so your feet stay dry. Running socks also don’t lose their shape so they won’t slide down into your shoe the way cotton socks do when they get over stretched. I honestly thought some of running stuff was a bunch of hoopla until I tried it out myself. I literally cannot run in anything other than dri-fit clothing. Don’t believe me? do a test run in different material and see how it feels. Also be aware of temperature especially when working out in the winter. Keeping a running journal is helpful in the beginning. Keeping track of temperature and what you were wearing especially in the winter will come in handy when trying to figure out how many layers you need for what temperature.



Now that you are correctly fitted lets talk about actually running. Scheduling runs is going to be key to holding your self accountable. Now if you want to start running to add something different to your workout routine then how long you run won’t be as important. If you are not thinking about entering races then just run when you can but if you are going to enter a race of 10k which is 6.2 miles then you may want to think about a more strict running schedule. My piece of advice for scheduling runs is to try and carve out 3 days of 30 minutes to dedicate to running whether it is morning or evenings. I can testify to preferring morning runs. I personally can’t run with too much food in my system so in the morning I have much better results and no cramping. Try to be a little more realistic when starting any new exercise regime. Going from no days a week to 5 days a week is most likely not going to happen. Take your time and ease into it. As you progress in your running/walking cross training is going to be something that is essential to running. Cycling, weights, and even yoga are great components that you can add to the routine. Recovery is extremely important and you need to have adequate rest days. Foam rolling, stretching, and off days need to be incorporated in the routine as well. I have added the Couch to 5k training schedule this is the one I felt the most helpful when I started running. Couch to 5K is a program that help you go from an actual couch to a training schedule that will get you ready to run your first 5k which is 3.1 miles. Another helpful tip is to use your current ability as markers when to walk and jog. For example if you can only run/jog for 45 seconds at a time use that as a marker. So jog for 45 seconds and walk for 45 seconds or longer if you need to, but the key is to alternate from jogging and walking at your level for a period of time. This is also called interval training. When you can jog longer do so. If you are interval training a few days a week for 30 minutes those 45 seconds will lead to a minute, a minute and a half, and so on. Running is about your own progression no one elses. If you are a walker you want to alternate between power walking and a slower walking pace. Soon that power walking will turn into a jog, I promise you just have to keep at it. 



A few key things to remember before you begin, first knowing why you are starting this is something you can reflect back on when you are feeling discouraged. Second, you are your own competition just try to focus on getting better and beating your own time. Third, find a way to keep yourself accountable whether it’s using an app or finding a workout partner. Try considering running/walking as an outlet and something your body needs and wants no matter how sore you may get vs a chore that you hate. Most importantly have fun and listen to your body. There is a difference from being sore and an injury. When knees and ankles are in long term pain or swollen that is something that should be checked out by a physician.

Good Luck with your journey and keep me posted with all your running activities highs and lows by using the hashtags #ccfrunners #curvychicksrun


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The final season of Tyler Perry’s popular comedy series “Love Thy Neighbor” will premiere its fourth season on Saturday, March 4 with back-to-back episodes at 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. ET/PT. The series will air its 100th episode on March 11 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Tyler Perry’s “Love Thy Neighbor” returns to OWN for its fourth season. A lot has happened since season one. Linda’s married. Danny’s married. Linda’s still pregnant, or at least she starts off that way. Drew is still in love with Danny. Sam is still in love with Danny, in a guy sort of way. And Floyd is still a pain in everyone’s rear end as the attitudinal restaurant host by day who moonlights as a landlord by night. It is against this backdrop that the laughs begin to fly as Hattie Mae begins to delve into every situation to meddle in it, complicate it, mess it all up, or in some cases, fix it… or something like that. This season opens with Sam and Drew desperate to fix their broken friendship with Danny. As the friends find common ground, Danny and Troy settle into married life. Troy seems to finally cement her role in first position as the wife, although not everyone is happy about it. Danny finds time for the others, but Troy is finally his priority. In dramatic fashion, as only “Love Thy Neighbor” could do it, the gang help Linda bring a new baby into the world. They help her literally. Mama Hattie saves the day as the infant is born in the most unlikely of places. Linda and Phillip are delighted as they settle down as happy parents of a healthy baby girl. As for Sam and Drew… well their lives take a zany, unexpected, and somewhat creepy turn. All in all… problems get fixed, lessons are learned, and as always love wins the day. Love Thy Neighbor Season 4 promises to be the funniest ever… only on OWN.

“Love Thy Neighbor” is written and executive produced by Tyler Perry. The series is produced by Tyler Perry Studios. Join the conversation on Twitter using #LoveThyNeighbor.

About Tyler Perry Studios
Tyler Perry Studios (TPS) was formed by actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry in the fall of 2008. The studio develops and produces motion picture films, in addition to drama and comedy television programming for the multi-platform U.S. television market. The 200,000-square foot studio lot is situated on the former Delta Airlines campus of more than 30 acres in the Greenbriar area of southwest Atlanta. The studio consists of five sound stages, a post production facility, a pond, a back lot, a 400-seat theater, a private screening room, and designated areas for entertaining and hosting events. Since its opening, Perry and the studio’s 400 Atlanta-based employees have been hard at work in production of over fifteen films and five television series, with over 90 total episodes per year. In 2015 TPS announced plans to expand operations with the acquisition of Fort McPherson, adding another 330 acres to create another major movie production studio lot.
About OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network
OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is the first and only network named for, and inspired by, a single iconic leader. Oprah Winfrey’s heart and creative instincts inform the brand – and the magnetism of the channel.  Winfrey provides leadership in programming and attracts superstar talent to join her in primetime, building a global community of like-minded viewers and leading that community to connect on social media and beyond. OWN is a singular destination on cable.  Depth with edge.  Heart. Star power. Connection.  And endless possibilities.  OWN is a joint venture between Harpo, Inc. and Discovery Communications.  The network debuted on January 1, 2011.  The venture also includes the award-winning digital platform
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Business and Community Leader to Be Recognized for His Contributions to Georgia’s Booming Film/TV Industries

The African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) is pleased to announce Dan T. Cathy as the recipient of the 2017 AAFCA Film Adovate Award. Given to a corporate entity or individual who promotes the growth and well-being of the cinematic arts, AAFCA has selected Mr. Cathy for the pivotal role he and his family foundation, WinShape, have played in the growth and nurturing of Georgia’s burgeoning film and TV production community.
As chairman and chief executive officer of his family’s multi-billion dollar fast food empire, Chick-fil-A, Mr. Cathy is one of the state’s most respected businessmen. Because of that stature, Cathy was able to play a pivotal role in attracting and establishing Pinewood Atlanta Studios in 2013. An important entity within the global film business, Pinewood, best known for its iconic James Bond franchise, has been essential in expanding Atlanta’s film imprint internationally. And that has come largely through the Pinewood partnership with Disney that has resulted in several Marvel properties filming in the Atlanta area.
Mr. Cathy’s role in the expansion of the film industry in Georgia is a personal one. “We’re experiencing incredible growth in Georgia’s film and entertainment industry. It’s an opportunity to share creative stories to global audiences,” he says. “Pinewood Atlanta Studios is the largest studio complex in the United States outside of Hollywood,” he adds proudly referring to the 700-acre full-service studio just south of Atlanta. “We’ll continue to celebrate all that Georgia has to offer and sharing it throughout the world.”
“We are delighted to recognize Mr. Cathy’s contribution to the amplification of the Atlanta film industry and the business at large,” AAFCA co-founder/president Gil Robertson says. “Because of Pinewood, Captain America: Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy and Spiderman have filmed here. And the highly- anticipated movie Black Panther, starring Chadwick Boseman, Lupita Nyong’o and more with Ryan Coogler directing, is currently filming. None of this would be possible without Mr. Cathy’s vision and leadership. These films have not only brought much-needed jobs to the area but have also served as an industry-wide blueprint on how diversity in front of and behind the camera benefits us all.”
This Special Achievement installment of the 8th Annual AAFCA Awards honoring Mr. Cathy will be held February 28 at the Swan Coach House at the Atlanta History Center from 11:20 am to 1 pm before an invitation-only audience.
For more information, please contact Jeaunine Askew @ 323-878-2399.
The African-American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) actively reviews cinema at-large, with a particular emphasis on films which include the Black experience. The organization creates a platform for movies with universal appeal to the African-American community, while highlighting films produced, written, directed and starring, persons from the African Diaspora. Our members are also involved in our advocacy work that includes programming for students interested in film criticism and journalism.
AAFCA members are a geographically diverse cross-section of journalists, covering all genres of the cinematic arts, while representing multiple mediums – including print, TV, radio broadcast and online. Collectively, they have reached a worldwide audience in excess of 100 million
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Mia St John Opens Boxing Gym for Homeless in Memory of Son who overdosed on Spice
Symone Fairchild

Symone Fairchild

Hello friends! My name is Symone Fairchild and I want to begin my very first post, blog, or whatever this might be (I’m soooo new to doing this type of thing) by introducing myself so you know who you’ll be conversing with in the future. Okay…here goes…I am me, first and foremost, and I will never under any circumstances compromise that, I am a woman, a mom to the MOST AWESOME 2 YEAR OLD BOY ON THE PLANET :), an actress, film and television producer and writer, a 2nd degree black belt in Wu-Shu (lifelong study), and I’ve worn about as many hats as you all can possibly imagine. In this crazy town called Hollyweird, you have to be multi-talented to survive, let alone prosper, so I’ve done all sorts of things, except the norm…wait tables or bartend. I have done everything from teaching martial arts, kickboxing, tai-chi and self-defense classes to touring the country taking down casinos as a card-counter.

Life has been quite exciting in L.A., but of course, it has been quite challenging too. I learned a lot and very quickly (with GOD’S blessings and leadership) and it took a lot of time, strategy, strength, and faith. It wears you down after a while and from time to time, you need a safe place to go for a strong dose of positivity and support. This is what my blog/post 🙂 is for. All of you can come here and vent, ask questions, offer advice, whatever, on anything…something you have read here, to something in your own lives, something you experienced out and about, to something you have read in the news. Whatever it is, this is the place for it. Feel free to let it all hang out! You will be met only with support, encouragement, and positivity.  So, with that being said, all I ask is that you all understand that that is a two-way street. It’s okay if what you might need advice on is a negative issue, great…that’s mostly what we all need help with anyway, especially in our current cultural climate. But, I will only showcase responses from readers that are positive. I mean to lift people up here and make them feel comfortable.

Mia St. John

I was reading the news last night and I saw a couple of stories that touched me, on in which I will share with you guys to show you that there will always be light in the darkness! Mia St. John, female boxing legend/5-time world champion/ex-wife of Kristin St. John, lost her son to spice a few years back. He was an extremely talented street artist who battled bouts of homelessness due to schizophrenia. In her grief, she decided she could not live without her son and was going to take her own life to be with him. On the very same day as her decision, she had a chance encounter with a homeless man who influenced to her to reconsider. As a result, she ended up opening a boxing gym in her son’s art space, in his honor, in Palm Springs. It is only for the homeless! Members of the gym say that it helps them escape their problems and offers them a place to heal! Who knew?! This is so awesome! I’ll bet she had no idea her life would take such a turn AND that the love and spirit of her son would live on and positively impact those in such need!



We all need a little help now and again. Please feel free to email me at As of now, I will be doing blog/posts every Monday and Friday. I will try to showcase as many submissions as I can (my blog/post is only but so long so bare with me please ;)! Have a wonderful rest of the day and know that you are never alone! Blessings!

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Self-Made Millionaire Katrina Walker Releases UNBREAKABLE – The KATRINA WALKER Story


Katrina Walker, shares her captivating journey to success in her recently released book, UNBREAKABLE- The Katrina Walker Story, published January 2017. The effervescent authors highly anticipated story shares with readers her journey from humble beginnings to unrivaled success and the tumultuous path traveled to get there.

UNBREAKABLE provides audiences with an in-depth look into the soul of Author Katrina Walker and her unwavering courage to see her truth come to light. A teen bride and mother of four who faced abuse, poverty and homelessness; transformed into an astounding, philanthropic hallmark of success who has built and inspired all she has come in contact with. An entrepreneur since age nine; Katrina shares her tragedies turned triumphs with all of life’s peculiarities in between, in her personal story that provides insight into the joys that being UNBREAKABLE can bring.

An Entrepreneur, Motivator, Philanthropist and now Author, Katrina Walker has built multiple enterprises. A motivating life coach and speaker, Katrina founded the nonprofit BE (Blind Eye) Foundation. She’s established the renowned RainbowKidz Learning Center, multiple real estate holdings, a record label and state-of-the-art recording studio—all while becoming a self-made millionaire. For over two decades her philanthropic advocacy has helped turn hardworking individuals into successful business owners.

Purchase UNBREAKABLE- The Katrina Walker Story now at and learn more about Katrina Walker, her walk to success and how you can contribute to the BE Foundation to be an inspiration to others.

Facebook: thekatrinawalker§ Instagram & Twitter: @mskatrinawalker§

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Sit Down Q&A with Music Artist L Rucus

Who is L Rucus?

What kind of music do you bring to the industry and how do you stand out from the rest? L is a hungry, hardworking, humble and above all talented artist who strives to be the best in whatever he does. Delving in both hip/hop and Rnb, L isn’t afraid to try new things and make a splash in the music scene. With a hip/hop soul and lyrics, blended in with smooth Rnb hooks and harmonies, L isn’t afraid to push the envelope on what it truly means to be an artist.

Tell Official AO about your story and what challenges did you have to go through to be successful?

Adversity facing a growing boy and a dying father. With a father suffering from Alzheimer’s, a debilitating disease which deteriorates the mind and stops old and new memories from being made, I suffered with finding a medium between a man for my family, but a boy mourning his father. Music was my escape and my focus to take my mind off of what stressed me on a daily. Rather vent and talk about it in a way that helped me cope.

What has been your biggest lesson in pursuing your independent music career?

Never expect someone else to do what you should be doing yourself. Its cool to depend on people, but never more than you depend on yourself. You should always be the first line of defense to any problem. The kobe to your lakers, or the Lebron to your Cavs. Team is important, but be your own star player.

Who are some music artists that you have opened up for and what are some of your biggest career achievements?

BIG KRIT by far was one of my favorites and best events as of now just because of how much i respect and admire him as an artist, as well as the feedback i received from that crowd when i was given my moment. It was really a night to remember.

L Rucus

L Rucus

How do you keep yourself motivated when it seems that all odds are against you?

By telling myself this is what i was meant to do, your so far than the rest, your more talented, you work harder, and above all, your family depends on you. If I don’t, who will? I refuse to let another man live my dream for me.

Before i release my next project titled “The long way home”, i’m planning to drop very soon my “F.I.I.R 2″(pronounced “fear”) mixtape. Which is an acronym for “Fxxx it, Its Rucus”. Its a compilation of the hottest songs of the year that i compiled into a project to showcase my versatility as an artist. Whether its an Rnb vibe, Lyrical exercise, swag rap, or something for the ladies. The project is without a doubt going to leave people saying “He can rap, and above all, he’s talented as hell”.

Are you performing live anywhere and how can we keep updated with everything that you are doing?

Currently putting together a list of events and shows to be announced, to stay updated check out the website at IAMLRUCUS.NET and follow all the social links to stay in the loop. Subscribe to the mailing list as well to be given any and all music and news ahead of time

Do you have any advice for the youth out there who only hears the negative feedback in pursuing their career and can’t seem to stay motivated?

How can you encourage them to see that their careers are worth it in the end? This isn’t a game, its a job. And like any job, you put in work, time, and effort to really get the best result. It’s not all fun and games, but if your serious and truly take your craft serious, you’ll rise to the challenge and stand tall. I always go by my very first verse as a way to keep me motivated. “You see this life is never guaranteed, so i choose to wake up from reality, and live my dreams”. -L.Rucus-

Do you have any shout-outs and where can we follow you on social media?






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Building on her rapidly growing career as a television and film actress and commercial print model multi-talented performer Lauren Quatavia has reached a new level, featuring as one of Negan’s wives on the hit horror-drama AMC TV series The Walking Dead.  Airing every Sunday at 9 PM Eastern time, Lauren will be featured in several episodes of this hugely popular show, based on the award-winning Walking Dead comic book, follows an unlikely band of people struggling to survive a sudden zombie apocalypse.  With its global fan following, the series is sure to take Lauren to soaring career heights.

Lauren’s dynamic “screen presence” and professional experience landed her a guest role on this major series, enhancing her already impressive resume, which includes such television credits as hosting WGo Network’s Whatz Going On TV (where she interviewed R & B megastar Ginuwine), and taking the stage at the VH1 Hip Hop Awards, as a presenter.  In addition, Lauren’s diverse portfolio showcases her work with CubeVision Films, where she appeared in Fist Fight, and a plethora of music videos, among them leading roles in Cashflow’s Hey, Lover, Streetkings’ Customer, and a feature in DJ Webstar’s Party Girl.  As a model, Lauren, whose career began a dozen years ago, shone brightly as a Brand Rep for Hershey Foods and Hardbody TV, and doing top-level gigs with Ecstasy Models.


A native Long Islander, Lauren now resides in Georgia, where she continues to develop her gifts, which extend behind the lights and cameras, as well as in front of them.  She’s worked on the creation of various magazines, and assisted casting and music video directors with their projects. Notably, Lauren recently completed a Code Red Tour with signature girl band XSO, for R & B superstar Monica, featuring Rico Love, which played to packed venues around the country.  Complementing her Walking Dead role, Lauren recently also filmed a commercial for the iconic culinary Food Network channel.  As an accomplished, young, rising star, we’re sure to see more and greater roles for Lauren Peacock in the near future!  
IG: @youluvlauren                      
Snapchat: youluvlaurenq                      
Facebook: laurenquatavia


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Chart busting artist extraordinaire Soccradz Da Don is preparing to rock the 2016 Holiday Season with the eagerly awaited release of his latest single, Work It, featuring legendary hip hop recording artist, producer, and fashion designer Swizz Beatz. In anticipation for the release Soccradz Da Don and his team OneDay Entertainment headed to Los Angeles to shoot with Top Getty/Wire photographer Michael Bezjian #TheSAP, in an opulent Los Angeles mini-mansion.  The two worked together and captured three looks, which are currently featured on the Getty Images site.  While in Los Angeles Soccradz also joined WE tv’s Growing Up Hip Hop star Briana Latrise Kamara, to shoot with entertainment photographer Cibola Henderson.
This Yenom Records single, scheduled for release the first week of December 2016, will enjoy widespread radio and video airplay, and signals the start of a multi-city promotional tour for Soccradz Da Don.  Building on his earlier hit album, The Soccrafice which featured the Legendary Hook master Kokane,  Soccradz is ready for the next stage of his meteoric career.  Working with Swizz Beatz, whose accomplishments earned him an honored place among’s Top 50 Greatest Hip-Hop Producers, has taken Soccradz to a whole new level of artistic inspiration.  Work It is the product of that collaborative effort.

As the CEO and marquee artist of the indie label Yenom Records, which began showcasing Soccradz’ music during 2002 in Phoenix, Arizona, this multi-talented creative spirit has gained a nationwide following for songs which make a deep, thoughtful commentary on the harsh realities of life.  Always moving forward, Soccradz Da Don is reaching new audiences, and bringing a sharp, fresh, unforgettable style to the industry.  Soccradz is also an accomplished R & B composer, producer, and innovator, who overcame a past prison term to take his life in an uplifting, positive direction.  In addition to Swizz Beatz, Soccradz has worked with such other top artists as Grammy nominee Jaywan, Hip Hop Legend Scarface, West Coast Legendary Kokane, and Flipmode Squad’s Rampage.  

You can follow Soccradz Da Don on Twitter @darealSoccradz, on Facebook at, and Instagram @soccradz
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